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at 9:38 am
by Jason
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US WeeklyRewardsGold is offering a FREE 1-Year Subscription to US Weekly Magazine! Just head on over here fill out the form, and complete a survey. This one has never been offered up for free in the past, so snag yours now if you’re interested. Your first issue should arrive within 8 to 10 weeks…you won’t ever be billed!

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  • Leigh

    I had to give 5 friends names and emails. I had to fill out 2 long surveys. Took about 20 minutes, but worth it I guess. Love this mag.

  • They made me fill out THREE surveys….about things that I have no real opinion on at that.

  • Tara

    Copy and paste your reviews, makes it go much quicker.

  • Shannon McDonald

    Thanks! This magazine is one of favorite grocery line-reads / guilty pleasures!!

  • deondra

    I copied and pasted a lot of things

  • B-Boogie

    Did two surveys, and referred one friend. They don’t require you to do any particular number of referrals; but this mag is a great deal! And definitely worth it, I think.

  • Rachel Binder-Friedlander May

    Made me fill out 3 too…. yes great deal!!

  • debra

    I did this one the last time they had it. My subscription ran out in July. So glad to get it again. Now if I could get OK again as well I’d be really happy!

  • Cletus

    I just typed a letter and the space bar very quickly to make 25 ‘words’

  • emma

    got it. thanks.

  • Sarahzot3

    This is so awesome! This is one of the best freebies that I have gotten so far, I love US weekly. Thanks!:)

  • patty

    looking forward to my free magazines 🙂

  • Tiff

    I got one too. I scored free US weekly last year from another freebie this script is about to expire, perfect timing!!

  • lkollock


    • Elizabeth Gilbert

      I just faked some emails. I just did name: sdinsfksj; email: lol.

  • JuliaVonJacque

    It actually let me have an 18 month subscription, so 72 issues! 🙂 For the surveys, I just put in hunger game quotes.

  • Lessi

    How about if you are a current subscriber? Will it extend your subscription or will you receive double issues?

    • FreebieShark

      Yup! It’ll extend your current subscription!


    Surveys were time consuming, but once I got into it, I didn’t mind, And,
    I got an 18mo mag script!

  • Nicole

    78 issues! Thank you!!

  • Betty Bulletproof

    Thanks for the freebie! Ya gotta work for this one, but its a good one. Hope I get it.

  • angie

    Thanks, I have issues coming from Self, W, and Us Weekly! did all surveys!

  • Jessica Eierman Wenk

    I am already getting my free subscription, it started coming almost imediately. Thanks!

  • Lori Jill Epperson-Baranishyn

    2 surveys on soap and deodorant were easy! Can’t wait for my first US weekly to arrive in 8-10 weeks!