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by Jason
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Wahooo! All month long, Allure will be giving away THOUSANDS of FREE Full-Size Products (over 37,000)! Beauty products from brands such as Smashbox, Garnier, Olay, Redken, Maybelline, Aveda, John Frieda, and MUCH MUCH more will be given away. Click here or here (for a complete list) to browse the freebies and what times each giveaway will go live.

Each giveaway will go live here. You can enter as many giveaways as you’d like (make sure to enter on time)! I would recommend picking which freebies you’d like to get ahead of time, and making sure you enter as soon as the time hits. You won’t know if you were first to request until the freebie arrives in your mailbox. (When requesting, select “NO” for special offer.) Good Luck!

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  • Devin T

    I’m still not sure how to enter after we have signed up. It says today to log in to be entered and I am logged in for the purse…does that mean I’m entered?

    • Marz

      Use the link that says “Each giveaway will go live here.” There’s one that starts at 12 pm EST. At that point you can use the submission form to enter or scan the tag at the top of the page with your smartphone to enter.

  • Frenchie457

    This does not Work it’s saying you need to sine in for a chance to win but I already sines in. Very disappointed!!!!

  • Peggle

    Man, I screwed up on the very first one, lol. I filled out the form but forgot to log in.

    • Marz

      I entered, but keep getting errors, it just won’t go through.

      • Peggle

        Yep, having the same problem. Oh well, that contest was over in seconds anyway. Think they were only giving one away. Better luck with the others. 🙂

        • Marz

          Haha, that’s true. It wasn’t even THAT cute either :)!

          • Peggle

            So, is it first come, first serve with the clothes and bags or do they pull a random email? I know with the beauty stuff, it says the first 200 or 500 blah blah. Just wondering if it’s the same with the other. Any idea? I was assuming that the first email submitted would win but now I’m not sure.

          • Marz

            I am really not sure either. I can’t get any of my forms to go through. The site is being bombarded.

          • Peggle

            Just thought i’d pass this along. The handbags, clothes, jewelry are considered “sweepstakes”, they aren’t first come first serve. Random email is chosen.

  • Marz

    Here we go with the broken links.

    Internal Server Error – ReadThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Reference #3.fddf7cd.1375373117.f4897b0

  • Allison

    I don’t understand how you sign up for the freebie? I have an account…it recognizes me, but how do I actually request the freebie?

  • Krishna Veni

    do we have to be allure magazine readers to sign up and eligible to participate in any sweepstakes or giveaways?

    • FreebieShark

      Everybody is eligible.. good luck!