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at 10:21 am
by Jason
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Valid today only, HSN is offering up a FREE Toyota HSN a RAV4 Tumbler with Straw and a FREE Prius Tumbler with Straw! You’ll get all of the following: 2013 Toyota vehicles brochure, Gas Card Offer instructions certificate, and the 16 oz. Toyota/HSN Travel Mug. Just add the item to your cart, then checkout (limit 2 per customer). They do require payment information to process the order, but you can use a old pre-paid card or PayPal instead! I used PayPal to process my order! 😀 (Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • MelissaSayWhat

    Can you order two of each or just 2 total?

    • Vickie Kulp

      2 of each! 🙂 Valid only today!

      • MelissaSayWhat

        Thank you!! Got ’em!

  • carol anne

    thanks! think i got it. used an old card, so hoping!!

  • Kallie

    Got one of each. Thank you!

  • Samantha

    Got them both! Used paypal!

  • HOLLI5TER (aka Jason)

    Thanks! I got them. I ordered 2 of each.

  • sherry

    Got one of each. Thank you

  • Kadie

    I got one of each!! YAHOO!!!

  • satcat

    thanks so much

  • Staci

    Got one of each too!! Thanks for the link!! 😀
    You guys never disappoint!! :]

  • Bailey

    Got both of them, thanks 🙂

  • Ang

    Got one of each. I keep a prepaid card with a dollar on it for this kind of freebie! THANK YOU

  • alaskanmompov

    Have to pay shipping.

    • Kevin

      Not so. Indicates FREE SHIPPING

    • Vincent Grove

      Maybe it’s because you’re in Alaska?

  • Dana

    Got one each. Used my Jingit card with a balance of $1.55 on it. Thanks!

  • Kevin

    Supposedly got both.

  • taysariece

    I couldnt get one! 🙁 So upset! Hate m issing out of full sized freebies! I joined and set up an account but it wouldnt let bme check otu, talk with customer service, tried using my prepaid debit card with no money on it! wouldnt work! If its free I dont need to have money on it right?

    • Erin

      Try using a different browser 🙂 That’s what I had to do…

    • Naty

      Hi no I used mines and it doesn’t have money on the card and was able to get one, try it again I just got mines. Good luck

  • Quinthelyn Leejay

    Yeah! Got mine. TY FS

  • Amy Henderson

    I ordered 2 each as well. Hope it really comes!

  • Badd704

    Thanks got both of them

  • Jessica

    Awesome thanks!! 🙂

  • Lisa

    just did mine and used paypal too. easy! got 2 of each!

  • Tasha

    Awesome!! Thanks Jason!

  • nicole

    taking me to hsn website??

  • Kymba

    I get sold out of both, guess I was too late. Tks anyways. 🙂