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at 6:51 pm
by Jason
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Yay! I have received lots of e-mails from FreebieShark readers informing me that they already received their FREE Fall Target Beauty Bag (no longer available)! I am still waiting on mine to arrive, but it seems like lots of readers already got this freebie. Thanks to reader Gabriela, you can click on the picture on the left to see what’s included. It comes with several different samples, a coupon booklet, and of course, the awesome bag!

How many of you also scored this freebie?! :D

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  • Got mine, hope yours comes soon 🙂

  • Britnee

    So bummed I missed this one. They were all gone after only 1 day 🙁

  • I got mine the other day…fabulous! Like mini Christmas when i go to the mailbox lately! LOL.

  • Rhonda

    Wow. That’s good news. I haven’t received mine yet, but I was hoping it would come in soon. I love the Target bags. One of my favorite freebies.

  • Cat

    I missed it, I’m bummed.

  • Shay

    Am I the only one who somehow already had the same beauty bag from a past giveaway? The things inside are different. Not complaining just curious!

  • scottiemomma

    Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  • Got mine and my hubbie’s too, lol. I love getting these freebies and samples in the mail.

  • Kim

    I just got mine today!!!!

  • CWDsouza

    i received mine too. I am new to & new to freebies in general so i was very happy to recive this for the first time. Thank you 🙂

  • JJ2013

    We got those pretty quickly!! I’m not a fan of leopard print, but I like that the bag is sort of waterproof! Speaking of water proof, when I got home from my campus this week, the full size Scotchguard was waiting for me… I totally forgot whether I had requested one or not, but you’re definitely the one to thank for that awesome freebie!! Can’t wait to use it on my winter boots! : )

  • I received mine and a lot of other things this week… everyday is like xmas when the mail comes

  • eddyluvsfbz

    So excited i got 2 of them today! Thanks for all you do! 🙂

  • Didn’t get ours yet. Hopefully soon!

  • Mine arrived today! I always feel like Hollywood Royalty when a new one arrives! Thanks so much!

  • got mine yesterday

  • Tammy

    Got my bag 3 days ago.Nice!

  • DebnOhio

    Got mine today! Thanks for the postings!

  • vsugirl16

    I havent gotten mine yet but i hope it gets here soon.

  • Amanda

    I got mine. Love it!