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at 1:06 pm
by Jason
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It looks as if the P&G brandSAMPLER is once again offering up some new FREE Samples and various coupons! Head on over here and after signing up or signing in, you can see if you are able to request these! I was able to request a FREE Samples of Crest Toothpaste + Floss, Tampax, Always, Pampers Wipes, Prilosec, Secret Deodorant, and tons of coupons! What were you able to get? (Thanks, Natalie!)

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  • JJ2013

    So awesome, Jason! Thank you! Haven’t been able to get this many samples from them in over a year… I’m always getting kicked off because of my password or only that heartburn medicine is left over!

    • FreebieShark

      You are so very welcome! 🙂


  • Thanks for the heads up Jason! I was able to get all of that as well! 🙂 It’s nice to get something other than Prilosac OTC lol.

    • FreebieShark

      Yay! You’re welcome, Jackie!


  • Got a lot of coupons & samples coming to me…thank you Jason!

    • FreebieShark

      Wahoo! No problem, Pam!!


  • Jan

    Requested coupons or samples for 15 items! Thank you!

  • mewatts

    Got them all! Thanks so much!!

  • Got these samples today Toothpaste, Floss, Deodorant, Prilosec, Tampax, Always, baby wipes

  • Fussy

    Got mine! Thanks Jason!

  • Daryl

    Is anyone else having a problem with this link? I type in one letter and it throws me off?

    • Rosa

      It’s doing the same for me too.

  • Tammy

    Got some of the samples, coupons.Thanks!

  • got some samples and coupons thanks

  • Cletus

    This is all I got:
    Always Radiant Infinity Pads™ and Tampax Radiant SampleOral-B Pro-Health® Clinical Pro-Flex Manual Toothbrush coupon

    Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads coupon

    Olay Winter Retreat coupon

  • Laurie

    I hate that website. I can never sign in, it always tells me to reset my password. When it asks for my date of birth and zip, it then tells me my account has been locked. I have emailed them 3 times to help me fix it!!!!! Eventually they stop responding. Has this happened to anyone else? I have used all my email addresses and gotten locked out.

    • Cletus

      Yeah that has happened with me with the first email address I used. Still happens when I try to use that email address. But I fixed hat problem long ago. I have 4 email addresses so I use one for me and one for my mom.

    • Lau

      Yes, it just happened to me… and this is not the first time…

    • Budgie

      P&G requires at least one capital letter in your password. So try whatever your normal password would be with a capital letter/s.

    • SOrry to hear you’re having problems. I had to change my password as well, after doing so I was able to login & then I was able to check to recieve samples & coupons.

    • Me

      Remember you had to put a capital letter AND number somewhere in your password. I had forgotten about that.

  • Cletus

    Its weird my mom’s account got pretty much all the samples and coupons and I only had 4 things available for me.

  • Lyne

    Great samples! Thank you for posting this, Jason!!

  • Me too! Thanks for sharing !

  • arlene

    thank you, got all the coupons and samples, cant wait for the mail 🙂

  • johnathans_jiggle

    OHHH wow!! So cool! Thanks!!

  • I got to receive lots of samples & coupons thank you!!

  • Mrs. Smith

    Wow!!! That was great. One place to just check the boxes for TONS of free samples and coupons. Awesome link. Thanks Jason. 🙂

  • Melinda

    I have tried for 10 minutes straight to sign up here, it keeps flashing a message in red, but not leaving it on long enough for me to see what it says!

  • Judy

    Yep, my account is now locked because of that same thing with the password and then it thought I couldn’t answer my own security question. Go figure