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at 6:11 pm
by Jason
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Wow, I am very excited right now! πŸ˜€ Remember the “It Pays to Eat Pasta” Sweepstakes from July? Well, when the mail arrived today, I was expecting the usual freebies that I get almost everyday. To my surprise, I also got a $100 check (pictured left) that I won from the sweepstakes. I was unaware that I was selected as a winner, so this was a complete surprise!

So what’s the point, you may ask? The point is that it literally pays to enter sweepstakes! Lots of readers have won all sorts of great prizes, some of which are Xbox 360 Bundles, HDTV’s, Keurig machines, and more. So be sure to enter these sweepstakes whenever you can! πŸ˜†

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  • ljomaine


  • m

    Congratulations! To you`

  • Wow! Congrats!

  • Carolyn

    CONGRATULATIONS !! You deserve a good win since you work so hard on this site to help the rest of us. Since it’s a surprise buy something for yourself that you want, but would not otherwise spend the money to buy.

  • suzieq1119

    Congrats to you. You deserve it for all your hard work!

  • peg

    Wow-lucky you πŸ™‚

  • Maralea

    That’s awesome! I am addicted to entering sweeps and have won a good deal of nice things! Congrats!

  • Congrats!! I love sweeps, i have won so many awesome things too,but $100.00 is great!!

  • Facetious11

    congrats!! Jason!!

  • Guest

    Good for you Jason! That’s got to be the best freebie ever!

  • Cheryl

    Congrats!! It’s so fun when that happens. I win a lot of stuff too. Good for you!!

  • Wow! Congrats! Gotta love getting those surprise “freebies”!

  • carla dahl

    Way to GO!!! I have won a krueg with all the fixina…a contest on clorox lounge – $45of amazon certs and free coupons for clorox products…anotheron mattel where I won over $150 in toys and many mamy more smaller ones! So OT DEFINITELY PAYS TO PLAY
    THANK YOU Freebie Shark
    I really do <3 Ü

  • Shelly09

    Yay!! So excited for you since you do so much for so many people!!! That’s so awesome!! Congrats!

  • Tammy

    Wow,way to go.You deserve it .You rock!

  • Amanda

    Congrats! My husband recently won a year supply of dog food from the las Purina promotion. Winning is great! πŸ™‚

  • Val Gates

    That’s awesome! You deserve it! I play/enter anytime I happen to see one & have actually won several nice things! Yesterday there was a pkg on my porch and it was the book Buddy from Read It Forward, guess I won! Ive won a case of Vita Coco, a $100 H&M gift card from a Suave sweepstakes on Fb, Home Made Simple Glade giveaway, a Shout cleaning kit, about 15 or so rolls of Scotch painters tape (still waiting on them to arrive) and a few others that I cant remember at the moment. Needless to say, def worth playing and lots of fun. Can honestly say most of what ive won has been due to hearing about it from freebieshark so Thank you very much!

  • Tamanta

    It does pay to enter! I am often surprised with winnings. Never money! I have won full size Clarins products worth $200, Full Size Perfumes, A year supply of Yogi tea and so on. I look around my room and can point out several items I have won. Just waitng for that big cash check to come someday!

  • Christina

    Congrats Jason! You deserve it! I love your site and enjoy all the freebies I get πŸ™‚ Thanks to you!!!!

  • Xee

    Congrats!!! That’s awesome!!!

  • Congratulations. I enter tons of contests and have won a laptop, an android phone, a $250 gift certificate to Bed, Bath & Beyond, movie passes, etc. It definitely pays to enter!

  • Rhonda

    Congrats Jason! I am sure you can use it, being a college student. That’s awesome. Maybe that will help cover some of the fees FB is trying to screw you with for posting! (still mad about that) I enter all the time. Maybe one day I’ll be as lucky as you too!

  • julie

    u totally deserve it!! good karma PAYS