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at 10:13 am
by Jason
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Valid today only, HSN is offering up a FREE Toyota HSN Stainless Steel Travel Mug! You’ll get all of the following: 2013 Toyota vehicles brochure, Gas Card Offer instructions certificate, and the 16 oz. Toyota/HSN Travel Mug. Just add the item to your cart, then checkout. They do require payment information to process the order, but you can use a old pre-paid card or PayPal instead!

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  • eelo

    Can’t order without entering a CC number.

  • got it ty

  • you can use paypal. It still process a zero charge 🙂

  • got it ty!

  • Patti Wilder


  • got it, thanks…

  • got one

  • how do you know if you got one for sure?

  • Thank got one 🙂 used paypal and no charge

  • Ashley

    I tried to get one, but I couldn’t checkout and now they’re sold out! How disappointing. 🙁

    • Ashley

      It didn’t work because I was using Google Chrome. I tried IE and I got it to work that way.

  • Alex

    I was able to get one with PayPal. YEA!!

  • Not only did it let me order but it also let me order 9 and I just entered a CC number from an empty Walmart prepaid Visa! Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to keep one for myself and bring the other 8 to the local food pantry.

  • can’t order without cc #, if this is free why do they need that and paypal??

  • in2motion

    got thru w paypal. shows estimated delivery 11/23! Better mark my calendar….

  • Vicky Hopper

    Got mine. Whether you do PayPal or CC there is ZERO CHARGE

  • shel

    you can call and request it at 1-800-284-3100, they will not ask for a CC #

  • homemaker99

    was able to get it. took the page a while to load, but it still worked.

  • Hana

    Bummer I must have missed it. Went there all excited, but no link to a free mug. Would have loved to get it.

  • I have already order 19. It keeps letting me do it. I figure why not try it one more time its free. I will donate or gift mine. Awesome