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at 2:43 pm
by Jason
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In the past 3 years, FreebieShark has grown to become a nationally recognized, award-winning, money saving blog! I sincerely appreciate all of you who helped make that happen! In regards to the FreebieShark Facebook page, it is an awesome place to chat among other fellow freebie lovers! However, Facebook is increasingly making it HARDER and harder for page owners to reach all their fans. About 6 months ago, every single FreebieShark fan on Facebook would get our all of our updates in their newsfeed. Not anymore. Facebook wants page owners to pay A LOT of money to get their posts seen to all their fans. I will continue to post there, but just wanted to give you the heads up on why you may seeing a lot less of our posts in your newsfeed.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the FreebieShark Newsletter! You’ll get one e-mail every evening highlighting the posts for each day. It’s not a Facebook alternative, but it helps. Don’t forget that lots of freebies are time sensitive, so you’ll want to check the blog directly multiple times throughout the day to make sure you don’t miss anything. Also, be sure to follow us on Google+ and Twitter as well!

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  • Money hungry asswipes.

  • Freebieshark Fan

    Ug – if facebook really wants people to leave, they can keep pulling stuff like this :/. Booo facebook 🙁

  • Karen

    Jason, you did the right thing! The mom blogs that i also subscribe to posted the same thing WRT FB a few months ago and their posts were actually disappearing from my feeds. The newsletter route is the way to go, and your fans will keep following you. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  • debra

    This was bound to happen. As soon as Facebook went public and tanked I knew they would have to start charging for advertising etc. This is not the way Facebook was set up in the beginning. I realize all things must change but its sad they are forcing the small businesses out. I always check fb and your website as I knew some posts were not showing up. We’re still with ya!

  • MizzouMary

    Thanks for letting us know. I really appreciate everything you do. I look forward to seeing your posts everyday!

  • Becky

    Love Your Blog!! It’s my favorite…thanks for ALL you do!! kudos

  • I too appreciate everything you do and your hard work, thank you! I’m a relatively new follower, I do get your newsletter too.

  • Thank you for all you do. Signed up for the newsletter. And boooo on FB!

  • I get your newsletter and POO on FB!!

  • Freebie Shark is Awesome!

  • Kristine L.

    Congratulations on all of your success! It is your hard work that makes all of us followers keep coming back! Facebook…I think this is the beginning of the end for them. Greed gets you nothing but failure.

  • I don’t know much about it, but some blogs have created groups, so that people ask to join their group and then they get the facebook feeds. just did this, so I bet you could too if you wanted. Just a way to bypass the stupidity of FB’s new crap.

  • Facebook unfortunately has begun to get as greedy as the rest of the big corporate giants – you think it has anything to do with the way their stock performed? lol Anyway I check the blog – I learned to be sure I liked something or commented to keep it in my newsfeed – love you guys and thanks for all the great stuff you find for us!

  • I don’t go on FB as much as I used to. So I really appreciate the email newsletter. Some things may be out of date, but I love your news!

  • i love freebie shark!!! if possible, though, could you try to advocate that more freebies be Mobile available……some of us live by our smart phones, and alot of the freebies are not accessible on our android mobiles!!!!!

  • Yah,I dis notice that and it stinks!

  • That stinks!

  • Love your blog. Thanks for the info on FB. They’re so greedy!

  • I don’t know I guess a small fee should be allowed with sooo much publicity. Wonderful gift to have ALL these/us fans for so long for free.

  • Yeah I agree with Billie….they are asswipes. Hugs Jason…dont let them bring you down man. =)