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by Jason
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UPDATE: There’s a new JELL-O ad available! Here’s a cool new website that some of you may be interested in! If you want to make some extra cash, you can currently Earn Money By Watching Ads from Jingit! I just registered for the first time and quickly earned $.80 by watching a few ads! To create an account, you’ll need to connect with Facebook, and you must verify your account via a verification code sent through text message. Once you’ve created an account, check their homepage for more earning opportunities. New videos are added daily! Plus, if you use Jingit while you’re at Walmart and scan products, you’ll be able to earn even more money.

There is a $10 weekly earning limit as a new member. Once you’ve earned $2.00, you’ll be able to score the Jingit Visa Debit Card, which is how you will be paid! If you are already a Jingit member, please let us know how you like it in the comments section! 😀

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  • DonnittaAhlert

    I’ve been a jingit member for quite a while. It has gone through a lot of changes. Not as many ads to watch as in the past. Scans are only at Walmart. Jingit Visa debit is a easy way to get paid. Your weekly limit increases if your friends sign up. FREE MONEY!!

    • FreebieShark

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Michelle

      How do you refer friends?

  • jlsmom06

    where is th esign up it bering me to but i see no jingit sign up link after that

    • FreebieShark

      You should see a big “Earn Now” button. Try clicking the link in the post again if you don’t see it. Hope this helps!

      • jlsmom06

        no i just see in stores now: jingit. and the only sign up is for walmart email…

      • jlsmom06

        i just googled jingit and signed up that way thanks

  • Signed up and getting started. Have 1.20 so far lol

  • BeccaC

    It says watch video and take a survey – how long is the survey? I’m not interested in taking long surveys (more than 5 minutes).

    • FreebieShark

      Very quick.. multiple choice style surveys 🙂

  • Guest

    Is facebook the only method of signing up??

    • FreebieShark

      Yup, unfortunately there is no other method.

  • It sucks that I can’t sign up because I dont have a cell phone

    • Alexandra Romanov

      Use Google phone texting.

  • LM

    Be careful. The prepaid visa debit has A LOT of HIGH FEES. I cut up my card and stopped using the service. I may have earned $9 from watching ads, but to use their prepaid card it is $4.50 to use to make a purchase.

    • I have used my Jing It card several times to make purchases in a store, or to buy amazon gift cards and have NEVER EVER been charged a fee.

  • Hit up my link if you please .. in 2 days have made over 6 dollars so far

  • Lyne

    I don’t know if I’m looking in the wrong place, but after I sign in, it always says, “Check back later! New chances to earn soon” It’s been 5 days and I’ve only earned $2.30….I hope there are more chances soon with ads online soon without having to have a smart phone!

  • Donnalyn

    I was told by a coworker that does this that they want your social security #. That isn’t going to happen so I’ll pass.

  • I cannot get it to allow me to check in/scan items when i am at walmart. I finds the store, shows me the items needed, but when i go to the individual items its says, Oops get closer to unlock…..” frustrating.


    earned .38 in less than 5 minutes! Totally worth it. Thanks.


    There is a one time 2.00 enrollment fee, but after there the monthly fee is free. There is a complete list of the jingit site.

  • I never received my texts to get started.

  • i have a question, does jingit allow pre-paid cell phone with texting ? thank you

  • lalals57

    I joined a week ago and have made $2.58 – let’s face it you aren’t going to get rich , actually you couldn’t survive on what you make with Jingit!! lol But for a couple of minutes time and that’s all it takes you can earn a little “pocket money” If I had a smart phone I see that I could earn more and they say they will be adding more content soon so that will increase earnings – I just went on the link you have up and there’s nothing but the check back later…so it must be the ad I watched the other day – I figure I’ll just let the money build up like a mini bank account and maybe in 5 or 10 years ( ha ha ha ) I’ll have enough to buy a gallon of gas – it’s $4.69 now and go to Walmart… maybe take a look at smart phone prices….