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by Jason
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Wow, this is exciting! Starting on August 26th 2012, Dollar Tree stores will begin accepting manufacturer coupons! Their prices are already amazing, so I am sure that we will be scoring some hot deals with the use of coupons!

The official Dollar Tree coupon policy has been released! Here are the highlights:

  • They will not accept Buy One, Get One Free Coupons
  • They will not accept retailer specific coupons
  • They will not accept any Free Coupons or Coupons that require associates to write in the amount of the purchase
  • Accept 2 Internet Coupons per transaction
  • Coupons must be used at time of purchase
  • Dollar Tree will not redeem coupons for more than the value of the product

So, what do you guys think about Dollar Tree accepting coupons? 😀

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  • Anonymous

    LOL from the restrictions it sounds like they won’t be taking hardly any coupons at all

  • Debra

    Only 2 Internet coupons per transaction? I would have to get in line over and over. Doesn’t seem like it would be worth all the effort for me.

  • Delucas65

    The big thing with this will be finding the sizes and brands at the store that the coupon is for! A lot of their sizes are the travel/sample sizes that are usually excluded on the coupons. They also do not carry a lot of name brands that coupons are!

  • Angie

    Sounds AWESOME to me!

  • Beckyboo31554

    most of their stuff is odd name brands anyway that we would never get coupons for, so what’s the use?

  • Lefebvretina37

    I am so excited for this !! love the idea..I love dollar tree anyway and just one more reason to love it!!

  • Anonymous

    awesome!! they always have detergent and deo and toothpaste for cheap anyways! coupon on top will be awesome no need to wait for a sale somewhere else!!

  • Guest

    I think this is GREAT! I often see name brands at the dollar tree, especially in the food and health/beauty departments. sometimes they’re small sized products, but there are often closeouts as well, and alot of dollar tree stores in our area have expanded their grocery sections, which also tend to have name brand products (I’ve seen TGI Fridays and Luigi’s italian ices, for example). I’m excited about it 😀

  • Vanhalen7

    i thought everything was already a dollar anyways….?

  • Shellyrp

    I think it’s fabulous! I hope to find some brand names that I can use coupons on, that won’t have size restrictions. My only hang up is that most of the items at dollar tree are the smaller size, therefore I know some coupons just won’t work. Hopefully, some will 🙂

  • Schoolingthree

    Wow! Bring a glass half full kinda person, I looked for the silver lining. For the gals; there will be even cheaper makeup.

    When I saw this, I immediately thought of the Hefty Slide food storage bags since the will be only 45 cents. I also thought about the Libby coupons that come out from time to time.

    OOOH, there is 99 cent coupons on facebook for Coke. You will have to have someone send it to you but it prints out two coupons. My younger daughter loves a coke for after martial arts class so it will cost me a WHOLE PENNY plus tax. It is a smaller size but the coupon allows for that. Then there is the added fun of creating the card and even more fun if you watch the recipient listen to the card. My 21 year old about died laughing, then she forked over my coke coupons; she does not care for them much.

    Maybe there won’t be a hugh savings but it is on my way to my daughter’s martial arts class and I stop at the same center for Michaels, Publix, JoAnns and now I can add coupon shopping at Dollar Tree. I can also add a trip on the Saturdays that I go to Freds for double coupon day. If I incorporate into trips that are already being made, then it isn’t any big deal that they only allow two, ’cause I’ll be back that way soon anyway. For me it works. YMMV

    • Schoolingthree

      OOOOPS Bring should have been BEING. I read it twice and still didn’t watch that one. Why is it that you don’t see the typos until after you post? I blame MURPHY.

  • Tfaulkner1974

    I think it is awesome.

  • Woo hoo! I have Hefty bag coupons- gonna use ’em there!

  • Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is one that would probably be a great deal, ours always has this item in stock and coupons are usually save .50 or something like that.

  • Official policy posted today. Here is the link:

  • Official policy posted today. Here is the link:

  • Guest

    What does this mean?

    “Retailer-specific coupons will not be accepted.”

    • A777adrianne

      If the coupon says “Valid only at Walmart” or any other store, then Dollartree will not accept it

  • Divagirl2963

    This means their prices will be going up some how

    • ummmm, the store is called Dollar Tree so chances are good they aren’t going to go over the dollar…..

      • Sin_d57

        There is a store in our area that is called “Dollar General”, however, most of their items are “not” a dollar. Hope this doesn’t change “Dollar Tree”.

    • A777adrianne

      Why would it mean prices would go up? Stores are reimbursed for the coupon value plus postage by the manufacturer

  • Mvertin

    How about that, I work at one of the warehouses and didn’t know that, you learn something new everyday

  • COOL

  • Joan

    We just had a new Dollar Tree in Colonie , New York……..Clean, Friendly employes….love having one down the street…..and now coupons…..I will be there


    I love it!!! I think its great!

  • Sin_d57

    How do you know which stores will be accepting coupons?

  • Chasepoore

    It would be nice if they didn’t exclude 90% of the coupons I have.

  • Melissafayard

    I used two manufacture coupons yesterday, a .50 off colgate toothpaste & a .50 off dial handsoap. It felt SO weird, but basically it was like buying one item getting one free. Way awesome.