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at 2:12 am
by Jason
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This is a NEW offer! Target is yet again offering a FREE Summer Beauty Bag! This bag includes many samples of cosmetics and awesome coupons! Allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery! Click the blue “Share” button above to share this with your friends!

Let us know if you scored one!

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  • I got one thank you!

  • Nursepam38

    SCORED !!

  • Mae Rush

    Got it 🙂

  • Jessica

    Got one!

  • Nursernbsn

    Got one!

  • My-angels-2008

    Yes, thank you!!! got the other 2 there also, Woolite dark and Shout Color catcher. Thank you for posting!!!

  • Ballegar

    Says, “on it’s way”…..

  • Amandac

    requested thanks

  • Got one hopefully it will send. I’ve only gotten 2 things ive requested in the mail before 🙁

  • say its on the way

  • says its on its way! yaaay! 🙂

  • Christyb84

    It said “On it’s way in 8 to10 weeks.” :-).

  • Guajardotheresa40

    How can I request my free summer beauty bag?

  • Miley Rj_1961

    It says its on its way

  • Jenmorris08

    Snagged mine 🙂 This will be the 3rd Beauty bag filled with Samples that I’ve received from them 🙂

  • Brucieval

    Thank you!!!

  • jennifer

    Says on its way;) i hope so=)

  • Freebies

    said i got one but i had already got this one in the mail so i will see if they send me another. it will be my fourth if they do. thanks!

    • …and I can’t even get 1. 🙁

    • guest

      People who have already recieved one should let the others who have not get one. I have tried every time they do it and cant because other people think they need to get 4 and 5 of them.

      • guest1

        good grief. stop whining. you have to be quick. and lucky. good for those who are both. and especially freebieshark who works so hard to bring us freebies every single day! shame on you.

  • Kristen

    Not showing on their samples page now =(

  • amsmouse1120

    They appear to be out :(…I got one for my mom and me, hopefully comes back around for my sister, grandma, and aunt!

  • Hidiakista17

    I had it but then it wouldn’t work on my phone. Its gone now 🙁

  • Jesspieper

    Doesn’t show up, only Shout and Whoolite samples… does this mean the beauty bags are out? Bummer… 🙁

    • Shebear11

      same with me…i didn’t see the bag on the site. how do we find them?


    Not working for me..must be all gone. I did get the woolite tho’

  • its not showing the bag a s a sample options :(((((

    • Sandra Toler

      Same here

  • Minxiemoon

    Like some of the other comments – it doesn’t come up as a freebie. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help!!

  • Ashley

    Got one for myself as well as my mom. These went FAST!

  • jen

    i only see shout and woolite

  • Debbie Jarmon

    its not showing the bag a s a sample options

  • Shebear11

    are we even supposed to look for the bag to click on? Maybe they changed it. I’ve been trying for over 2 hours. Odd that it would be posted a Midnight too.

  • lalas57

    Don’t know where you found it – sample spot says 2 household samples – the woolite and the shout and from the comments I see below mine guess we’re all unable to find it – if it was April 1st I’d say good April Fools prank but it’s July!! lol

  • Trista1684

    I want one, how do you get one?

  • Kurtsheryl

    The offer is still not available.

  • catrsc

    Not there for me 🙁

  • Amberrdm

    i didn’t find it on the target page!

  • woo hoo

  • carol

    not showing bag as sample??????????

  • Roxansami

    ditto…bag not shown

  • Tonya

    cannot find the summer samples….

  • kathy williams

    dont see anything about a FREE SUMMER BEAUTY BAG…

  • Grammybetbet

    Not there–are they gone already?

  • Jennifirecurrie

    My guess, and what I’ve seen other people comment is that they had some leftover and wanted to get rid of them.

  • Sassypoohbear34

    when it finally starts working it says it has expired. nice this always happens

  • Jasnelling1

    not working for me either says expired

  • Got it! 🙂

  • Mk

    Just so you know, I supposedly got this last time but never received it.

  • Sandra Toler

    Where’s the sample bag? The only sample target has available is woolite

  • Chastityaas

    I got one from the initial time you posted this… I got it a week and half ago. Awesome stuff!

  • Kimberly stewart

    The target summer bags started at the end of may & was gone soon so this link will not work because they dont go anymore you can go & look on there facebook page where there is not more…

  • Got anymore*

  • No you dont have to be quick there was 477,000 something of them! She means that she got 4 different ones not 4 of the summer bags they had a spring one a winter one