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by Jason
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Downy is offering up a FREE Sample of Downy Unstopables! Click the second bubble, then the “Get a Sample” button. They will be giving away 12,000 samples every week, now through October 14th! Iโ€™ll post a reminder when each giveaway goes live! (Thank You, Katie!)

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  • Jenn

    It’s live right now. Filled out the form and it said my sample is on the way.

  • Barbara Forde

    Able to sign up for sample

  • twinmom95

    I got one!

  • Dot0711

    Bummer, the offer expired, must have just missed it! Grrr… lol.

    Your sample is on the way. Be sure to go to YouTube and see where Jimmy’s been!

  • Thatsmrsjanedoe2u

    Got one!

  • Out. ๐Ÿ™

  • Joyce maynard

    I could never get anywhere to register it said click the second bubble, well that did nothing, totally ridiculus, why can they not have a registration b ox and forget all this other stuff, every thing is getting harder and harder to register for, I am gonna quit trying

  • I hope I get one. I got one a while back already! I love them. They smell soooo good! Just expensive.

  • Charmegomez

    They are out of samples

  • Vjenki2000

    It wont let me sign up. Goes to an information page. No place to click once you click this page.

  • Got one! Thank you! <3

  • Got mine!

  • Laugh

    All out. ๐Ÿ™

  • Quilterpolly21

    i scored! thanks

  • Linda228

    Simply love unstopables! Would love to have a free sample!

  • Joni

    Got one, thank you…:)

  • Jlmorgan8745

    I got one today. YEAHHHH

  • Susan Bolden

    YAY!! Got one! <3

  • Hladya

    why is still being posted and it is expired.

  • They are out of samples for today

  • Jules

    It isn’t taking “orders” no sign in

  • Bettyejean4

    Got it! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Spoist

    Got it thanks

  • Promo is over for today… they are all out of samples …

  • Penny

    Wow! I never get through. Got through today , filled out info, then it says sorry! UGH!

  • Sistabw

    I am having the same problem there is no free sample.

  • Sammiejohnson73


  • Jaysbetterhalf

    I snagged one! woo hoo!

  • Lulu

    got one!

  • Got it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pappysharley

    Wouldn’t let me sign up. Sounds like a fake.

  • Anonymous

    got one!

  • Cjscroggins_09

    finally got one!

  • Jurysinn

    won’t let me sign up no free samples here

  • second bubble? cant sign up for one…whaz up?

  • Thanks. Got mine. Yaayy.

  • Tina

    i was able to click on get a free sample and fill out form

  • They need to quit posting when they are out. IIGGHH. I hate that.

  • carol

    couldn’t get to free sample either

  • Pianog75

    I get all the way to sign up and then it says ‘sorry! We’re out for today!” ARGH!

  • Sbcown

    Already gone for today. ๐Ÿ™

  • Coachmoni6

    This is about the 8th time it’s expired before anyone gets a chance to get their free sample…

  • Coachmoni6

    Hurry-it’s live

  • Jpeters22

    Downy is the best smelling fragrance out there…. LOVE IT

  • ty! scored one for myself and my mom

  • Singhsonita1

    OMG- FINALLY got it!

  • Joymcgrane

    I JUST got through so keep trying!

  • Joymcgrane

    You have to wait to see the second page where it shows the man, click on the button and it will bring you to a page to sign up, it worked for me!

  • Pappysharley

    I swear it’s all fake. Didn’t get any freebie ๐Ÿ™

  • Anonymous

    Whew, got one this time! You have to wait on the page (about 15 seconds for me) while the free ad slides over.

  • Sweets_1361

    Finally got a free sample….Thanks!!!

  • Kay_mejia87

    Thanks.. it finally went through

  • Dehayn2002002

    Got one! I clicked the second bubble and a new page appeared and saw the get your sample. It told me to refresh and I closed out, opened it back up and was able to get one…finally! thank you!

  • Caitlyn

    what do u mean by second bubble ?

  • Guest

    Merk! i never get this in time ๐Ÿ™

  • Hallownqueen

    where do you get it at, I dont see it on their page

  • Julz

    it will not allow me to hit enter

  • Jimmywisher98

    No free sample just a stupid advertisement

  • Hutchisongirls3

    I got one thanks!

  • Dawn

    your sample is on it’s way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hannahleigh219

    worked for me ! thank you !

  • Pianog75

    I finally got one!! Been trying several times!

  • Linda

    It’s saying sorry we are all out for today.

  • Somer

    Finally GOT ONE YAY!!!

  • Penni_c

    i got one

  • Charmegomez

    I just got mine!!

  • Ashley M Burchfield

    Finally got it!

  • Eddieandbritt

    worked for me!!!! ty!!! i love unstopables!!!!!

  • yeah got one!

  • I finally got one of these! Thanks for putting that up quickly. Love this site, had used some others, but this one seems to be the quickest to get the word out.

  • Dehayn2002002

    got one! thank you!

  • Sweething

    Yay!! I just got one!! Thanks all!!

  • Got one yesterday AND

  • Coupongal925

    I got one. Thanks

  • Got one today as well

  • Yoki

    Says I signed up for this already when I didnt????

  • Karrottopmom07

    I got my sample, today

  • justme

    apparently still no free sample button, 3 weeks later…. smh

  • Carrie

    what do you mean click the second “bubble”? Where???

  • Damn it I keep trying day after day after day I am getting really unnerved

  • I think if you are not going to give anymore out then stop advertising for the free sample

  • Penni_c

    no samplesssssssssssssssssss

  • Tammystomatoesandpeppers

    Just got one! Yay!

  • Karen23s

    It says out of samples for today…. ๐Ÿ˜


  • Bls_80

    just got it! Thanks!!

  • Debjohnson

    have used this at daughters home and love it…It makes your clothes so soft and smell so good

  • Princesssue_67

    this freaking takes to long. i don’t want to answer 4700 hundred questions….

  • Dratliff

    I was able to sign up and got an “OOPS” message saying I was already registered…..That was MONTHS ago. I make my own laundry detergent and add “Unstopables”….Maybe I should try another brand…

  • Anonymous

    Where is the second bubble is right, you click here and there and you are almost there. You answer guestion after guestion but you never get there. Will somebody tell me what am I doing wrong, I have never received anything yet.

  • Lazcorum

    Got mine! Thanks! Click on the blue highlighted words and it takes you to the Downy sign in

  • Elaine Rudd

    Yeah! Just got mine

  • got one thanks

  • Chris

    The “bubble” is a little icon at the top right.. make sure the right hand one is clicked. Then a screen appears with 4 pics.. challenge, the man, the mission and the unstoppables one. Click on the lower right hand corner picture about Unstoppables…. if you hover your mouse, it says get free sample… then fill out the form… I just got confirmation that my sample is being sent

  • all out. boohoo

  • There was a bubble, but it disappeared as my page was loading. I would be interested in a free sample ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shopgirl

    Thanks it worked…I hate how they ask for your birthdate and phone number. Really? Are they going to call to wish me a happy birthday? LOL


  • It is definitely working again. The link is where the guy is standing holding the dress. It is a bubble that says get your free sample.

  • kim

    you can only do this o nce from each computer

  • beth

    Have been trying to get this for weeks….No Luck….Takes me to pages that dont have anything to do with Downy…would really like to try this, but tired of the run around!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Guillory

    Love downy and freebeez! Hook me up! Lol

  • They’re out for today


  • heather

    all out!

  • Cathy Pring

    Thank you Jennifer Kassouf Grayauskie! I could not figure this out until I read your post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lsimmons

    love this i also use it in a warmer makes the house smell so good