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at 6:15 pm
by Jason
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Head on over to Facebook to score either a FREE Newcastle Glass or FREE $2 Check! Just allow the application to access the request form. You’ll need to take a short survey and upload a picture. Be patient, they are getting hit hard!

:arrow: Pssstt.. don’t forget to “Like” FreebieShark too!

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  • Kim howard

    love new castle and freebieshark too would love to win a newcastle glass to go with my collection

  • mb

    Get to the survey and no way to submit

  • I got it to work better/faster on mozilla firefox:)

  • Sherdanay

    Finally got to the end. Said my glass is on the way !! (I also have Mozilla Firefox)

  • It said I got one, but it also said error, so I dunno.

  • i watied 20 mintues to see the above pic and said click here ecxept no button to click there !!!! i couldnt click on anything – what a time robber geez and i dont even drink alcohol

    • Nobody made u click Kat. LOL You could have passed LMBO!!

    • eelo

      If you don’t drink alcohol, why do you want this item?

  • Anonymous
  • Chris97269

    mozilla works really fast, couldn’t get through with internet explorer

  • ok i finally got the to end and filled out my info then i got an error screen connection was reset try again – why then geez!!!!!!

  • Masthe

    Having problems sumitting.

  • now i cant get past the submit photo part

  • Lkollock73

    COULDN’T SUBMIT after entering my info

  • Bxsailor

    wohoo.. I got a glass , thanks

  • Rlmeck01

    could not get picture to summit- kept saying error- blank
    please fix i did survey and entered all info!

  • Carter003

    I was lucky no problems it was very easy. Thank you for the info. 🙂

  • Carter003

    Thank you, it is working no problems at all.

  • Rlmeck01

    think I got it I will wait and see

  • Masthe

    Not working for me at all.

  • Couponstrange

    so awesome! can’t wait to get it. it said they have 18k more to give out!

  • Anonymous

    Hoping for the glass until I got to the picture part… I don’t drink! Thanks for letting us know though, Jason! The glass would’ve been cool!

  • Jammer1113

    It wont let me submit my information

  • Rlmeck01

    so how do you know if you got something when you keep summitting and it says you already entered? What gives did I get in or what?? how do you know??

  • Sweeps39

    nothing works. time waster. stupid.

  • Couponkris Colorado

    freezes up, won’t let me submit my info for the glass or the check

  • Becky Kinser Arthur

    Did it twice could not get it to submit

  • eelo

    Ummmmm….. maybe?

  • Dawn

    I clicked the link in the post and it’s bringing me to my facebook homepage?

  • lori

    I had the same problem, i know it said to be patient but, really!
    i hope they fix it.

  • Gyrl

    Have to post a picture of alcohol to get this. Don’t have a bottle at home, so I guess I will pass on this one.

  • Lindseygaiser

    It worked for me, I didnt have to post a pic, just took a quick survey.