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at 3:42 pm
by Jason
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Wow! Hurry on over to My Coke Rewards and enter the following codes to get 40 points: 1009612289719810095827987467 , 10095913378567 , and 10096071476917. A FREE 20oz. Coca-Cola Product coupon is only 40 points, which is FREE after you enter these codes! Let us know what product you choose! (Thank You, Latisha!)

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  • Works! I already use Coke Rewards, this one was super easy! Thanks.

  • Jalaynesgift

    I wasn’t offered the coke BUT I got offered McDonalds Spicy Chicken Bites!! We’ve wanted to try these..and here’s a FREE way to do so!! THANKS!~

  • Amanda

    thanks got mine!

  • yay!!!!

  • mary

    why wont the code take on coke rewards

    • cletus

      Because he had already told us about 3 of these codes on the 26 July

      • Lisa

        Hi, Cletus
        I already entered the 3 codes given to us on 26 July and I just entered these four codes and my account increased by a total of 70 points. Yippee! I ordered a 20 oz. Minute Maid item and I have 30 pts. left over – Life is good with FreebieShark –

  • Averagesnail

    Awesome! This is super.

  • DebnOhio

    It took all 4 codes for me! Thanks for the tip!

  • Tccagle2921

    Thanks,I got the coke rewards.Free 20 0z coke!

  • Ana

    thanks I got the mc donalds coupon

  • Percy71997

    Love this one…Thanks.

  • Jammer1113

    thank you


    I’m so parched living in the midwest. Thanks for the coke! 😉

  • Thanks for the coke !



    • Stephanie

      ^ these are not valid.. don’t use.

  • Curtis

    I read on another blog that you can enter these codes every day…..they reset at 8pm.

  • Suzieq1119

    Thanks Jason!!

  • Cookie

    It gives you a choice between a few different bottled beverages, but I wanted to try the mcchicken bites. Thank you for the heads up!

    • Ava Zombie

      Those are yummy!

  • are not eligible to redeem this code on My Coke Rewards.Please try another or check the FAQs for additional help.

  • Kat

    Got em thanks guys!!

  • Got it! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ava Zombie

    Got it! You kind of have to search around to redeem the coke coupon!

  • Michael F

    I got 40 pts yesterday at my coke rewards member.

  • DebnOhio

    I could only reuse the ones that start with 10096

  • Lmccoy13

    2 CODES still work, 10096122897198 and 10096071476917. Thanks!!

  • Missie2too

    The first and last codes worked again today, 1 Aug.

  • Kathi

    codes 10095827987467 and 10095913378567 when you try to use say Promotion Over