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UPDATE: Winner has been randomly selected! Here’s yet another quick giveaway from FreebieShark! Enter to Win FREE $50 Cash (PayPal) from FreebieShark! It’s really easy to enter.. so why not enter? Simply follow the instructions to enter! Giveaway ends on Sunday (June 24)!

How to Enter This Giveaway:
1. “Like” FreebieShark & Share this on Facebook! (Optional)
Sign up for the FreebieShark Newsletter to score the hottest freebies and deals via e-mail. Be sure to verify your e-mail! (Optional Extra Entry)
After doing so, simply leave a comment to enter!: comment HERE

RULES: Giveaway ends June 24th 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be chosen at Random via and will be announced on this post the next day on the same post. Winner must respond within 72 hours. This giveaway is not sponsored, nor endorsed, nor affiliated with Facebook or Paypal in any way. This giveaway is solely sponsored by FreebieShark and you are only entering with this website. Limit 1 entry per household.

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    I have been on freebie shark from some time and love the fact that you send the news letters because when i am at work I cant always get all the freebies …So i love it !!!!

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    My 10 yr old son is even starting to get on board with coupons and the free stuff.
    True story- The other day I was standing in the back of the grocery store adding up the items and trying to decide which items we could live without a little longer because I only had a few dollars to spend. My 10 year old son was with me and he spotted something on the floor half way across the store. He did’t say anything he just started to walk over there. I watched him and was wondering what he was doing. He bends down to pick something up. He walked back over to me, handed me a coupon and said “Here mom, will this help?” I melted. The simple things…………

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