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at 12:24 pm
by Donna
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Yay!  Head on over to the Nivea USA Facebook Page,“Like” them, to snag a FREE Nivea Lip Care Product!  Just click on the Date Night tab to upload a photo showing a public display of affection and you will score a coupon by mail within 8 to 10 weeks! Hurry, first 150,000 only!

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  • Cletus

    Um where are the comments??

  • Momgayle30

    Server not found =(

  • Cletus

    There was 17 comments here now they’re all gone.

  • Mamadeamt


  • Anonymous

    he edited the post to reflect the correct amount 150,000 i’m sure it wiped all comments out. the page works fine now too

  • Estate4real

    worked in chrome for me and not IE Thanks FreebieShark, You are always rocking the internet!!!!

  • Lisa

    Worked perfectly for me- quick too! Thanks, Jason!

  • Cameronstruelove

    Yaye!! Worked for mee 🙂 Got my coupon for a free lip care product from them for just sharing a photo of Me and my honey Bear! Thanks bunches 🙂

  • Rmcaldarulo

    yes coupon on its way

  • I don’t want to send in a picture of PDA. Oh well. I’ll still buy it!

    • guest.

      i usually do my dog givig a kiss to the other dog or something like that…i dont like to use my pictures either

  • got one

  • Areen

    I don’t want to have to upload a picture – can’t I just have the coupon???

    • You’re getting a free product and you’re complaining about uploading a picture???

  • Dedehayn2002002

    Got one! YAY

  • Dunie


  • Stonedchhickwv

    I am not on facebook and do wish that samples were available even if not on and sight like facebook.

    • Just get a FB then instead of complaining about it! Just to use for freebies and such. Don’t be such a **rebel**

      • Melissa

        I don’t think that everyone should HAVE to have a facebook account. I had one and it brought nothing but grief to my life. Friends fighting, people being nasty; just not worth it. I also cannot access facebook at work, if I had one, so I miss out on a lot of freebies. It would be nice to just be able to visit the companies website and fill out the form directly, so I agree with stonedchhickwv.

        • Darceyh09

          You can have a private account. And samples are available sometimes on the companies website. You two just sound pitiful. They expect a little something in return for free product. If the effort is too much for you, then you don’t really want it.

  • stoneturner

    Love this freebie, but this app says it will have access to your photos. I can see having access to one I might post on their page, but why do they need access to all my photos? Boo 🙁

  • Thank you!!!

  • joyce

    Thank you said will let know in 4 day’s

  • Josie

    why upload a photo? Not a very good idea, since FB selling pictures of families and whatever. Not worth it.

  • snobby1

    but I don’t do public displays of affection. I am a true lady only trailer park trash does that.

    • jzzyj

      Poor thing. You’ll change that once yur married. True love is a cute smooch when ever the moment happens. A simple kiss is just BEAUTIFUL!

  • Julia

    I submitted my wedding kiss….nothing trailor trash about that!

  • ihatesnobbypeople

    Hey snobby1 that was a pretty crappy thing to say. So in return you are probably just to ugly to get anyone to kiss you and I hope you walk by me kissing my husband in public and it completely offends you.

  • only trailer trash will take a picture kissing their husband or boyfriend? that is probably the silliest thing i’ve heard today

    • Affectionate

      Is kissing your husband on your wedding day considered Trailer Trash?

  • It is nice to see people show they still care a little kiss never hurt anyone

  • This is kind of not fair if you dont have husband or boyfriend you dont get one

    • jzzyj

      WHERE in the rules does it say that Joyce?? STOP starting mess! Not nice. Sounds like ur complaining about NOT havn a man?? GIve it to God girlfriend. in due time 🙂 See your making OTHERS follow your lies SMH!!

      • Thefuck

        lol wut?

  • Kezzy

    I tryed to upload a pic for the Nivea but some how it will not let me..

  • Affectionate

    You could hug your pet, friend, children, neighbor or a didn’t say it had to be a husband or boyfriend. As far as trailer trash…I show public display often, I hug my spouse, my children, my grandchildren and my friends. I have KISSED boo boo’s when they fall, kissed away their tears when their heart was broken, kissed my husband in front of many people the day we wed and again at our 20th anniversary. I guess different people have different ideas of what public display of affection is….or maybe some people should get their mind out of the gutter.

  • Sistabw

    Very unfair don’t have picture to upload and it won’t let you get one without it. I am a loyal fan of the lip care products but maybe I shouldn’t be.

  • Nene718

    Wow, I did this about 3 weeks ago and already got my coupon for the free Nivea Lip Care product!! Super happy!! And all those complaining, you don’t have to be kissing. Hugging is just fine! I was hugging my Mom!

  • Crooklani


  • Deekrott

    Lotta steps 2 get a Coupon for sample Aftr 8 wks, pppffff. I’ll get rght on it.

  • pc

    Its not working.

  • used my coupon for the free Nivea on a twin pack sold at Target!! So I got TWO free. A blue chapstick and a shimmery pink Nivea, they came as a duo pack!

  • for all the non kissers out there, it doesn’t have to be a kiss…the photo is of an embrace, hug, good friends together doesn’t have to be a husband/wife or partners…it just can’t have kids in the pic, as the submitting specifications.

  • This just isnt worth it for a stick of lip care. first I have to access my photos and hope I could find the picture on this computer of my husband and I kissing on our wedding day, I will pass

  • got my coupon for a free lip item in the mail today. Also got a couple of coupons $1 off of body lotion. Nice!