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at 7:03 pm
by Jason
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Remember the big Dr. Oz giveaways posted on May 2nd? Well, I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from FreebieShark readers letting me know that they’ve won a prize! Prizes are officially on their way…check out what FreebieShark reader Raelene sent us:

“Nothing like coming home to a big package. And finding out you won a Sodastream from the dr. Oz give away! Thank you for telling me about it. I’ve never won anything.”

Did you win a prize from the Dr. Oz Giveaways? If so, what was it?

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  • Patti

    Yes, I won the pillow and its wonderful.

  • Sherdanay

    I was told I had won but nothing yet…………….

  • Anne

    I got my soda stream Friday last week!!! WOO HOO!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, congrats Anne!!!

  • Soultrie1

    My name was on the list as a prize winner but I have no clue what I won??? Guess I’ll find out when it arrives 🙂

    • Where did you see the list of prize winners at Soutrie1?

      I won the Harvey Prince perfume but I know I also had other things I won but that is the only thing that was sent to my email :-s

      Thanks from Jamie 🙂

  • I won one of the Conair touch’n’tone massagers. 🙂

  • BG

    Yes, I got my Nuttzo yesterday. Was hoping for something better but there’s always next time.

  • Tiffany Laventure

    i won the juicer. anyone else still waiting on it for it to arrive???

    • nathalie

      I won the juicer to and I haven’t received mine!

  • Tiffany Laventure
  • Shelli

    Where is a copy of the winners list? I was sure I had won something but never got a email. Altho, I never got an email from the contest before.

  • Ilovemesomedani

    I won the moisturizer because I was silly and didn’t read the rules at first. Won the gel pillow in the Christmas one though

  • Sassypoohbear34

    Maybe. I could win something. If someone would tell me way I get an error message every time I try to do any thing

  • Alctigerfan09

    Congrats Raelene! I know you were excited and smiling as you opened the package. That feeling never gets old!

  • Mar

    I got the other day the Conair touch n’ tone massagers.

  • Suzieq1119

    A lunch bag.

  • I won a pair of Reebok Flex! Love them!

  • Sun5463shine

    I really had won 4 things but due to misinformed information, I only won the first thing. I didnt even want the first thing but figured I would try. Unfortunately the pillow that I really had wanted wasnt the first, so didnt get it. I love freebieshark, but I think before posting anything should be sure it is correct. I would have tried just for the one thing if I had known, but freebie shark had informed us that we could win once each hour 🙁

    • Anonymous

      The official rules stated one prize per giveaway period per person. Are they not honoring that? I had the correct information!

      • Facetious11

        You did post the correct infor FreebieShark. I won 2 tihngs Navita snack and the Hydroluxe pillow. Thanks for the info!

      • Anonymous

        you had the correct information, the whole giveaway was unclear. In one place in the rules it said you can enter once per segment and in another place in the rules it said only one gift per household/email/person… I (like many) still thought it would be one per segment, why allow us to enter if we can’t win in each segment! I keep wondering if those who got more than one gift entered the exact same info… I got the first gift I was able to enter for, wish I would have waited, but that is certainly no ones fault – least of all yours, you were trying to help us all get something! Still grateful – could have won nothing 🙂 Besides, people shouldn’t rely on you to do all the work – the rules were up for anyone to read and understand, if you could. Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  • Brandi

    Won the Conair Touch and Tone Massager

  • Roy

    I won the Conair massager—-THANKS

    • Anonymous

      You are very welcome.. congrats!

    • Indiansciencetube

      ME 2

  • I actually won the teeth whiter system, I want the coffee maker though

  • Grrr…got in on 4 of them (I never do!) but didnt win any of them. Hate his promotions….

  • must be nice i didn’t win nothing

  • Cheri Feaster

    A thermal lunch bag.

  • Widowmaker05

    where do you find the winners list at

  • Dseelbach

    no I never win anything

  • Joanne DeChellis

    I was to get the soda stream maker and a trampolin I score on both items and did not get either one. Not a happy person…

  • vanessa

    I won a Conair touch n tone massager… it!

    • Anonymous


  • i won 4 items, and havent recieved anything!!!!! very unhappy right now!!! i sat there every hour waiting to type in info and it said thank you for entering, and i got nothing!!!!

    • Eve Ghigliotti

      I won 6 items & never got anything either so I asked for the winners list & sadly my name wasn’t on the list anywhere. 🙁 oh well I wonder how they picked winners? So I emailed asking them. Hope to hear back soon. BTW took them over 2 weeks to get a response back for the lost of winners..
      So I expect it will take another 2 weeks from today’s email. –Eve Ghigliotti–

      • Eve

        List not lost

      • Sun5463shine

        Eve you can only win one thing through the whole contest. Freebie Shark informed us on the wrong rules. I had won something in each hour but got a bag of chips 🙁 If we would have been given correct rules would have only entered for the thing I really wanted…From now on will not trust freebieshark and will verify everything they post…

        • Anonymous

          The official rules stated one prize per giveaway period per person. Are they not honoring that? I had the correct information!

          You will not trust FreebieShark from now on?! 🙁 Believe me.. you could win 1 prize per promotional period. Unless they changed the rules AFTER the giveaway ended. I examine the rules VERY closely.

          • Anonymous

            no jason they are alloting 1 per person that ‘won’ and people on sharcare’s page on FB are stating they never even tried to win X prize and thats was the only one the won it’s a mess…

        • Anonymous

          You don’t have to ‘trust freebieshark’… you can certainly find your own deals and freebies on your own! The ‘correct rules’ were up, believe they still are… perhaps doing your own work would be better, that way when you do not win, you only have yourself to blame. Not that blame in necessary, but neither is the poor attitude.

      • Anonymous

        the winners list doesnt even have the same amount of ‘prizes given away’ it was short by 900

  • Theresa

    I would LOVE one of those soda streams! But I did get one of those Conair massagers. I’m happy to get anything for free though! 🙂

  • Tracy Dudley-Henry

    I got my Sodastream last week Monday…hoorrraaayyy!!! Thank you :0)

    • Anonymous

      Wow, congrats! That’s awesome! Enjoy!

  • Cheryldegraff

    Thanks for posting the winners` list…….just checked and not on it. Why are so many people complaining that they didn`t win??? This was a really great contest with awesome prizes………be grateful even if you didn`t win anything and please don`t complain if they sent you your second choice instead of your first………..!!

  • Coupongal925

    I won the Mighty Leaf Tea kit. I am a big tea drinker and love it.

    Thanks for posting about the giveaway!

  • I won the Spoonk Accupressure mat from Dr. Oz giveaways. It came in monday. They sent out emails to those who won a giveaway. Greatful I won “something” lol This mat will be of great use to me.

  • brittster

    First I won the spoonk and it feels SOOOOO great to lay on it after working all day.

    Second, this is an actual sentence I just copied from the rules of Dr. Oz’s giveaway:
    Entrants must select only one (1) GIFT PER Segment from the list below and be one (1) of the first to enter to receive that GIFT at the time listed for that Segment as directed herein and at
    Don’t get mad at FreebieShark for telling us what is written on their website. I wouldn’t have even known about it, if it wasn’t for FreebieShark.

  • emmabemma

    I won the Clarisonic Opal! And my mother won the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Infusion! Yay! Thanks FreebieShark!

  • Fefawaa

    I won the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

    • Kristi_337

      Did you ever get yours? I was notified that I was a winner, but never got it.

  • MaryLu

    I won the Spoonk Accupressure mat. When I tried to turn over to get up I ripped my arm open on the sharp points. Be careful not to move much on this mat, I’m afraid to get back on it.

  • Kculver22

    I won a Sodastream and got it Friday!! Thank you so much for posting the contest and for all you do!!!

  • Does anyone know where i can get the list of winners, i would love to check to see if i was on there, i havent received any emails as of yet.. Thanks all

  • Lyonfam

    I am very appreciative that you were willing to share this deal with all of us. I am currently waiting to receive the juicer. (had email verification) Very excited!!.

    I also misunderstood the rules. I thought it meant you could win one item each hour and am a bit disappointed that I didn’t win “more” like I had originally thought ~but AGAIN I am so glad and thankful to have won the juicer and to you for letting me have the chance!!

    • Facetious11

      You could win more than 1 item (but only 1 item per hour). I won 2 items (Navita Snacks and the Hydroluxe Pillow). Some people won a few items fr the list of winners that I saw. Getting thru and getting the “thank you msg” after filling in the form does not mean you are winner. You have to be among the first (first 100, 500 or 1000 etc..) Freebieshark stated it correctly. Sharecare staff may also have messed up the winners.

  • i entered but guess not win 🙁

  • Rachel

    Congrats Raelene! Enjoy!

  • Suzieq1119

    Does anyone know where I can find the list of winners?

  • Suzieq1119

    Where can I find the list?

  • Laura

    i subrscribe to your newsletter but i haven’t received it in my emails. i signed up for Dr. Oz products but i don’t know if i won. I did win a Walgreens gift card on Dr. Oz for a doing a survey. thank you for the freebies and congrats to all the people who won on Dr.Oz. Laura

  • Kydd372001

    I won the fragrance that helps you loose weight. I didn’t even get an email when it was announced that all winners were emailed. Instead I received a email from the fragrance company maybe more than a week or so after that. And the fragrance smells wonderful! :0)

  • guest

    Thanks! Got the thomas roth infusion!

  • Jenn

    I won the SodaStream machine. I received mine on Monday. I had forgotten that I had entered! =)

  • Debras728

    I won a pair of the SleepPhones, which should be here anyday now! I got the email a couple of weeks ago with the instructions on how to finally get them, then another email last week saying they had sent them out!!

  • cjscroggins

    I work, I didn’t get to enter because of the shortened amount of time… that sucks!

  • Lilxpinkxstar

    I’m on the winners list but I’ve yet to receive anything yet…have all the prizes been sent out? Is there anyone else who’s on the list but hasn’t received their prize?

  • Susanthompson

    I would love to win this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!