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by Jason
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As I mentioned yesterday, Dr. Oz will be giving away amazing prizes all day long (15,220 prizes)! The first giveaway period will go live at 12PM ET. These will go quick! Limit 1 prize per giveaway period, which means you can score up to 5 prizes! Winners will receive a confirmation e-mail by May 15, 2012. Good Luck! 😀

Harvey Prince Eau de Lite Perfume ($55 Value) – First 1,000
Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker ($99.95 Value) – First 700
Omega Vert VRT350 Juicer ($379.99 Value) – First 200
Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion Anti-Aging System ($185 Value) – First 300
Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer SPF 30 ($78 Value) – First 1,000
Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System ($195 Value) – First 400

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  • Freespiritchick

    So do we just click on the link of what we wanna try to win? and hope we are one of the first people to fill out our information?

    Thanks from Jamie 🙂

  • LM

    So much lag.

  • Jodisue71

    cant find it

  • LM

    Everything is fresh out and it is only 12:02

  • Lilxpinkxstar

    If it says thank you for taking our survey does that mean you got it? i havent gotten any email though :/

  • Kim

    Is it ok to sign up for several during each giveaway period, or should we just try for one?

  • Crackers1974

    How do you know if you won? I clicked on the perfume link above and filled out my info and it said thank you for taking the survey.

  • Gpapaseraphim

    Got in on the juicer right away. Wish me luck! Thanks for the heads up. I forgot!

  • vee

    so…if it says “thank you for taking the survey,” do you think we got one?!!

  • Amandabalow

    Says everything is already given out

  • There is one that is still not up, the rest are gone

  • Kitseyboo


  • Cletus

    This thing was confusing. I clicked on the one I wanted and filled in my name and address. Then it said thanks for taking our survey. So i dont know if I got it or what.

  • Kelseyboland

    If we were able to fill out our info for the item, does that mean the odds are in our favor for getting it???

  • Trabert

    I must be stupid, but I couldn’t figure out what to do once I got to Tanda’s site or Dr. Oz’s site what to do….

  • Jennch69

    4 minutes everything is gone!!!

  • Sherdanay

    didn’t even go through. The site just kept saying “Come back May 2 12 PM EST” I went there 20 times from 9 to 9:02 and it never went live…………………………….

  • Msshahidahb

    I was able tp fill out the form for the Tanda system. Hope I got through. Let’s all pray lol

  • This is what I have gotten since 12:00 “Come back on Wednesday, May 2, 12:00 p.m. EST/ 9:00 a.m. PST” so is it over for this hour?

  • Mannetteb

    ya what a deal couldn’t even get in on this expired 5 after 12 why bother people to do this if it is such a let down

  • Word of advice people, relax and keep reloading and be patient, I mean very patient. I was lucky enough to get 4 out of 6 to load. Next set is only 4 contests so its going to be a lot harder, especially the coffee maker grrr 🙁

    • Wendy

      how do you enter so I can be ready for the next set

    • Goldsmith82

      Hey did you get Thank You for taking the Surey on the keurig? I dis and readin oter blogs and a ton of people got through cant imagine. Thank You for taking the survey means you got it. With only 150 of them. I have never did a Dr.oz giveaway so kinda confused how tey work but, from what Ive read this one is different from in te past.

  • Pam L.

    i got the thank you survey also….lets hope we get one

  • Jlsmom06

    i did the juicer survery!!! i hopppppe i get one!

  • I got thank you survey also on 3 of mine. hope that means i got 3 things. I did the juicer first.

  • Wendy

    where do you enter the information so I know for the next time

    • When freebie shark posts the individual links click it and then at the bottom it will have boxes they call it a survey. The survey will either load at the time it is supposed to or will tell you if its closed, if its closed I recommend keep trying. It will say when they are out of stuff

  • LM

    How can we see what is coming up in the next round at 1?

    • Look under the rules and it will tell you, good luck

  • Kim E.

    This is a joke….EVERYTIME!!!!!!! People are just greedy…cant just be happy with one thing…I think if you have won something in the past year…Thats it….one and done…give other people a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snowbergerkathy

    I think it said in the rules that you would be notified by May 15th if you are a winner.

  • Brijesh Patel

    That’s it, the giveaway’s over !!! I did get 4 different “Thanks for taking the survey” in 4 different segments , Hope I won. !!!!

  • Xxorangeeaterxx

    DOCTOR OZ GIVEAWAY CONFUSION SOLVED: guys this is a direct email from this should clear up things:The line “Only one (1) entry per person, household, e-mail address, and/or phone number will be accepted or eligible to win and receive a GIFT” indicates that a person may only enter the contest once. This means that a person may only receive one GIFT. I hope that clarifies things.