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by Jason
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Check out this hot freebie! Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. First off, head on over here to get a $5 off coupon code. After doing so, visit the Swanson Health Products website and find any item you like totaling under $3.01. Shipping is usually $4.99, but when you use code ULTRA it becomes just $1.99. Be sure to also enter your $5 off code under the coupon/gift certificate box. Register an account for another $5! You must provide a credit card to process your order, but you will not be charged as long as your total is $0.00!

Here are just some things that you can score:

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  • Carrie

    Worked great for me. I ordered an essential oil. Thanks for the tip!

    • Anonymous

      You are very welcome, Carrie!


  • Debbieleemanners

    Where did you put in Ultra? Did you have to put in credit card info first before adding Ultra and the 5.00 off shipping code?

    • Anonymous

      There was a promo code box towards the right hand side.. I hope this helps!
      There is a separate box underneath it for the $5 code

      • Hawandab

        I put in the code Ultra and it says it has been applied but the shipping is still $4.99

    • ULTRA goes in the first box on the lower right. You will see it on the lower right of your screen above the box for the gift code.

    • Jungle_janes

      above the coupon code, cc info is last

  • If you CREATE an account FIRST you will have a $5 off 1st order coupon. PLUS the $5 coupon code giving you $10!! Just apply the account credit then add the coupon code. I scored 6 lips balms free.

    • Anonymous

      Where did the $5 account credit show up for you Debra?

  • Carey Ann

    375 count Q-tips are only $2.93 so free with the coupon!!!

  • Rosebudsmith

    Worked for me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Debbieleemanners

    Thank you all for your help.I ended up ordering 3 boxes of Q-Tips for a little over 8.00.I used the 5.00 off for creating an account.Didn’t see the boxes for the promo code and ultra but am still pleased, because we use a lot of these and I always forget to buy them.I don’t think it was a bad deal anyhow.I went back and got my vitamin C tablets for free with the codes so I am happy.

  • BlueRobin

    I got peach balm from Kiss My face (or something) Thanks!!

  • MJ

    perfect. thanks for the extra tip on the 2nd $5 coupon for creating an account.

  • Thanks! Got some essential oils:)

  • Jaimie Adams

    I created an account first but I don’t see where I got the $5 off for doing it. Any thoughts?

    • Jaimie Adams

      Nevermind! I found it! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Where did you find it?

  • rachel

    i created an account first and tried to use the ultra code and it wouldn’t work….

  • Ronda

    I created an account but don’t see the $5 off either…..

  • Jennifer Stone

    What a great deal!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I purchased as a “guest”, but at the end it gave me the option to register and they gave me another $5 coupon so guess what I did?? You got it!! I placed another order!! Woohoo!!

  • QDblue2000

    I did this but I messed up and didn’t create my account first. *sigh* I got 2 of the Blistex Medicated Lip Balm for free 🙂

  • Renee

    I ordered a Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and a Burt’s Bees shimmer and it was all FREE!!! Thanks for what you do!

  • Coupongal925

    What is the coupon code for the other $5.00 off?

  • Crook_lani

    i like tha stuff

  • After you register, where do you get the 2nd code?

  • Bernadette

    Thank you so much, Jason. I ordered the Burt’s Bees honey lip balm.

  • I found it !! 🙂

  • I got oatmeal lotion and oatmeal soap for my little boy who has eczema for 0.23!

  • Megan

    i put in the code for the cheaper shipping but it is giving me a discount, not $1.99 shipping… ?

  • Where do you get the extra $5 after registering?

    • c.p.

      Click the link provided above and it takes you to their Facebook page to get the other credit

      • I was actually looking for the $5 credit that Swanson Health provides, but I saw it once I clicked on a product. Thanks though!

  • May I suggest that if anyone has just a little bit left over from their credits to donate it to the Vitamin Angels or the Red Cross on this site! Wonderful way to give back!

  • Christy H

    I ended up with 3 tubes of Toms of Maine Strawberry toothpaste (that my kids love) for 1.47 including shipping.

  • Allison

    This was great! I signed up first & got the extra $5 for a total of $10. The shipping code worked, so I got 2 Burts Bee’s and 1 Carmex lip balm for $0.00!! Thanks Jason!!

  • I got a 10 count pack of Emergen-C, Burts Bee’s honey lip balm, and 120 count apple cider vinegar tablets for $0.04!

  • I chatted online with swanson about the extra $5 coupon for new accounts. A link was supposed to come up during checkout but it didn’t for me. So they manually requested the new account $5 coupon be sent to me. Don’t know if it will be emailed or snail mailed though. I did place an order with the swanson facebook $5 coupon code & ULTRA code and the end price was -.03. (I bought tea.) Makes me wonder if I’ll get a credit on my credit card…doubt it. LOL Thanks!

  • heatherbean

    Wow, I got an Aubrey Organics raspberry lip balm, a Deep Steep lavender chamomile moisture stick (I love these!!!), and an Aura Cacia mineral bath all for free including shipping!!!! There are so many things to choose from that qualify for this offer. Thanks so much!!

  • Clarkecoupon

    Did the facebook coupon & entered “ULTRA” but it looks like it will only take one now 🙁

  • Terriemeer

    I used the ULTRA code and it will only give me the $1.99 shipping if I spend $25.

    • Clarkecoupon

      Saw the same thing. When I tried to go to their website, it was “down” for a little bit. I bet they changed the offer after they got flooded with people doing this deal.

      • Terriemeer

        Also, did not get the $5 new customer offer either.

  • Logansmommy320

    Is anyone else having a problem getting the shipping to come up to $1.99?? I typed in the ULTRA code and it didn’t change it…

    • Logansmommy320

      Nevermind….just saw their post on FB about an error on their part. Dang that sucks!!!!

  • SamSam

    Ultra code is no longer working. It was an error on the site’s part. Was supposed to be for orders over $25. They are honoring those who already ordered.

  • Shynay21

    well i wont be using code so its up for grabs for anyone still ordering 9283385-3641.

  • Kitseyboo

    It is not giving me the shipping discount. Boo.

  • Logansmommy320

    Here is Swanson Health Products post:

    OUR APOLOGIES: the offer that went out yesterday was incorrect. $1.99 shipping is only valid on orders of $25 or more. We sincerely apologize for this error on our part.

    P.S. all orders placed before we caught our error will be honored.
    P.P.S. You guys are rockstar sharers…these Facebook coupons are going fast!

  • Dawn O.

    I added the code ultra as the promo code and also put in the $5 coupon code. The $5 coupon code worked but at the end of the checkout the shipping is still $4.99. I also didn’t see an extra $5 anywhere for registering first. I’d really like to use this but i’m not sure if I can get it to work…

    • Logansmommy320

      Use SWAN199 Promo code for shipping – makes it $1.99!!
      Also the extra $5 – if you go to your shopping cart, and under where it say ‘your current offers’ will say something like you have an online coupon (or something to that effect) click on it, then it should take you to another page and you have to hit apply coupon button. Hope this helps!

  • Jsvinton

    Help–I got the $5 off certificate to work but the ULTRA will not reduce my shipping. It says ULTRA has been applied but my shipping still says $4.94?? Any ideas??

    • Dawn O.

      They’ve just updated their Facebook, the $1.99 shipping is only for orders of $25 or more, they say they will honor the $1.99 shipping if the order was placed before they realized their mistake. I still can’t get the extra $5 for becoming a member though, i’m not sure where to find it.

      • c.p.

        Someone posted on their FB page to use the code Swan199 for the cheaper shipping…check it out!

        • Dawn O.

          Saw that too and it worked for me!

    • Logansmommy320

      Use SWAN199 Promo code for shipping – makes it $1.99!!

  • Jsvinton

    Thanks Dawn O and cp. I tried the Swan199 and it shows 1.99 at the top where you select the type of shipping but then in the subtotal area it goes back up to 4.99!! Any other ideas??

    • Dawn O.

      Did you go to the very end checkout? Keep clicking continue till you get right up before you pay, you’ll notice the shipping go down to $1.99, I thought it didn’t work at first but I clicked continue checkout again and it went down. As long as you don’t put in any payment info you can still play around with the codes until you get them to work the right way. I’m still trying to figure out how to get this $5 for signing up…

      • Jsvinton

        They must have fixed that one now too. It is 4.99 at each step now. BUMMER. If you find out any other codes LMK! THANKS!

      • Jsvinton

        I, too, did not get the $5 for signing up. No emails or popups when I did my account…

  • Kimberly721

    I didn’t get the extra five bucks for signing up, but I still got my free carmex lip gloss on the way! I did see a facebook post from swanson after I finished mine saying the $1.99 shipping was only supposed to be valid on orders of $25 or more. They said they will honor any order already complete, but future orders have to pay the $4.99 shipping. If you can get the extra five bucks for signing up, you may still get something for free!

  • Just call me Cletus

    Now they’re down for ‘maintainance’. ha ha

  • Just call me Cletus

    Since the ultra code didnt work anymore ended up getting a free lip shimmer (worth 4.99) and got free shipping with the $5.00 code.

  • Dawn O.

    Well I had the “swan199” coupon code in my cart while I was talking to them about why I didn’t get $5 for signing up. They say that promo is now expired even though people were just using it this morning. So I go to check out with my $5 coupon and the $1.99 shipping that was working with the swan199 code and I suddenly get logged out. I sign back in and what do you know the coupon code for the shipping is invalid and back up to $4.99 shipping. What’s the point of offering $5 coupon codes when your shipping costs $5? I won’t be ordering but thank you for the post, it was almost a good deal.

  • Zom-b

    It keeps saying my Swan199 code is invalid.

  • Lisa

    I got 2 lip balms for free including shipping. I got the $5. sign up credit and the $5. gift cert code. My products total $5.98 with $1.99 shipping. The credits were applied so my order total was $0.00 when I checked out. BUT I just received the emailed copy of the order and they show a balance of $2.03 owing. Hmmm…that better not show up on my card since I checked out with an oder total of $0.00. That’s why I don’t like entering a credit card number for $0.00 balances.

  • Jessica

    you can still get this without the ULTRA.
    I got the coupon yesterday.. but never spent it.
    I just went on, signed up for an account with Swanson, and loaded my cart. You can spend $5.00, then in your cart you’ll see a “you have a coupon available!” or something similar, kind of small to the right.. click it and it will add a $5.00 credit. then use your coupon from yesterday.. and you’ll get up to $5.00 worth of stuff for free 🙂