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at 11:52 am
by Jason
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If someone you know is a Lego fan, be sure to request this freebie! Get a FREE 2-Year Subscription to Lego Club Magazine!  Your first issue should arrive within 4 to 6 weeks!

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  • Me.

    Is this still Available?

    • Immebutthanks

      we did today and it siad hooray you have a lego subscribtion

  • Debannmail305

    Why do they all show up as internet explorer cannot display this webpage

  • Tinnabear75

    It worked 4 kids will luv it..thank u 🙂

  • Idahospud1969

    Yay my daughter loves Legos! Will love this!

  • Idahospud1969

    Yay my daughter loves Legos! Will love this!

  • Onesweetconcha

    My son Loves legos so much he wants us to take him to lego land! told him wait till we have some $.

  • Lovemysister

    My little sister loves legos she is like the lego queen and so when she heard about this magazine she started to save her allowance so when i saw free two year subscrition it was a thing not to miss out on!! She still doesnt know!!

  • got it for my son thats 5 he loves Lego’s….. I was very lucky to get hired at the new Legoland in Florida my son is sooooo excited.

  • cheryl

    igot mine about 2 months go and they never send me thefirst issue

  • server is down 🙁 Would make a great gift for my grandson

  • Missmelinda827

    Great gift!

  • Jbrown447

    thanks for this deal

  • Mrsmacd1980

    Still have my son’s legos, ordering the subscription for my grandsons. Thanks for the offer.

  • Raelynn


  • Que Pon Diva

    This took a while to start arriving, but it DOES eventually get delivered. An awesome magazine for young boys who love Legos … and a nice treat to get something of their own in the mail!

  • Bobandjunestoudt

    “” I can’t seem to find a send me button for anything and I’m signed in. I’m a first timer! Where do I clickHow do I get this

  • Lyonfam

    My daughter will be so thrilled when this arrives! I’m sure her brother will be excited too! They all love legos. It’s a favorite family evening event to get out all the legos and build together. Thank you so much for this offer!! It is very much appreciated!


    Thank you so much for the magazine’s u all be sending my family just got one in the mail today. All my boy’s is in your program now………

  • I got one for my Grand-Nephew. he LOVES Legos and he LOVES getting mail in HIS name!

  • Bobby

    I use to get this when I was little now I’m getting this for my nephew I believe he will love it