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at 10:30 pm
by Jason
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LipstickScore a FREE Mary Kay True Dimensions Sample from ShopText! Simply text MKLIPS to 467467 on your cell phone! This is only available to the first 5,000 – so don’t wait to get yours! Note that they are getting hit right now, so it may take a while to get a response. Standard text message rates apply. (Thank You, Stephanie!)

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  • Hannah

    They texted back asking for my age, so one step closer.

  • Tiffany Harrison Zumdick

    I replied with my age 31 and got a response sorry you must be over 18 . . . . Hello. Whats going on

    • Hannah

      Haven’t heard back yet but I put in 35 so I maybe “under 18” too? LOL

      • Melina

        Actually these freebies are for girls from 18 to 22 I know beacuse the company that usually give this samples are shoptext and the age is between that

        • Bianca

          I’m 23 and it said my sample is on it’s way.

        • Alison Harvey

          Im over 22 and I received confirmation that my sample was on its way

    • Likelyasnot

      maybe the computer is dyslexic?

  • Diane Cline

    I tried with my age then they asked for my home phone number our zip code.

  • Maggie

    Asked for address, left me hanging

  • Leslie

    Darn, had my phone on vibrate! I’ll try anyhow!

  • Hannah

    You guys are further than me, they asked for my age and I never heard back.

  • Eve Lazarowicz-Ghigliotti

    Asked my age then confirmed my address getting closer! 🙂 LOL

  • Connie Aguilar-quevedo

    This was a waste of my time! My age was not older then 18, but I’m 42 years old. Then mu phone number and zip code. This was very frustrating for real. What you have to go through. It’s not fair! I don’t mind entering my info and taking my chances that way and if I win great. If I lose then I was not fast enough but all these crazy questions and then the crazier responses worse. Don’t truly care to win anymore and will enter when it’s them giving something away.

    • Connie Aguilar-quevedo

      Not* enter again

    • sandy valenz

      All this for a sample? Wow people must really love their Mary Kay lol

  • Maggie

    This is strange, they never asked for my age.

  • Lisa

    I haven’t heard ANYthing back…no questions, nothing!

  • Karen Kelley

    Sent a text well over half an hour ago and never heard anything back. Just sent it again. Still waiting!

  • Tammie Van Roekel-Griffith

    say reply Y for a .50 charge…so I did then got a TXT back that no longer available!

  • carla d

    y the $.50 charge???

  • Ali

    It made it all the way up to my address and then it told me my session expired.

  • Marlene Owens

    I guess i’m a lucky one cause they sent me a message saying i got one sample on the way and i wasn’t ask to pay a 0.50¢ charge.

  • Bianca

    My sample is on it’s way 🙂 thanks!

  • AngryGirl

    Never got this to work and it’s too expensive to keep texting. Not worth it for me. Received an error “ShopText” We’re sorry that you’re having trouble. If you wish to try again, reply MKTRUE. Reply HELP for assistance. Received this after the first text, no thanks that cost me money and I’m not about to spend any more money for a freebie. ShopText is the worst.

  • carolyn H

    i just had no problems signing up to get one of these – It is on its way!

  • Tiffany Pasztor

    no trouble. sample on its way. =) Thank you!!!

  • Alicia

    I’m 35 and had no problem. Confirmed my address, gave my name, sample on the way. It was very fast. Last night, however, was a mess. It kept telling me to reply HELP for help and that my address, which I provided, was not valid. I fell asleep after providing my name, but before I got a confirmation text. So I hope it worked this morning.

  • BeckyJo

    Mine is on the way! Thanks!

  • Christie Densmore

    Got mine, no problem… 🙂

  • Ruth Carr

    whoo hoo got it ty.

  • Lolita

    Will be getting my sample. That was so easy. Thanks Jason.

  • t111r

    got one

  • Diana Pitts

    Had no problem at all getting this last night and I’m WAY over the “18-22” age group!!

  • Marie Sansdoigt

    Would have really loved one but, I missed the text 🙁

    Will this be offered again?

  • Reese

    I received my lipstick today!

    • FreebieShark

      Yay! Glad to hear that they are finally being shipped!