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at 9:49 am
by Jason
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BaliHurry on over to request a FREE Bali Bra! Just click the “X” button on the box to unlock the request form. Once you’ve filled out the form, allow 8 to 12 weeks for your FREE Bra to arrive! First 10,000 only – let us know if you score one! (Thanks, Faith!)

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  • GimyGirl

    Very slow connecting … I’m sure they’re getting slammed right now

    • R.C.

      Yep, I’ve been waiting and waiting since like 30 seconds after this was posted.

  • Courtney

    Booyah! I got one for me and one for my friend!!!

  • Elegloss

    Got one! Thanks!!

  • Laura Smith

    Score got one

  • Caroline Scott

    Got one!!!! Thanks

  • Paul

    Got one for my wife!

  • bonnie18

    Got one. Thanks!

  • Tammy Scottie Sparks

    I was able to fill out the form but then there was no submit button

  • yazmen

    wow amazing freebie. thanks! whooo!

  • Carolyn

    I submit the form and get error 404

  • Diana Pitts

    It took a while, but I got one!! Thanks!!

  • alliednut

    says I got one! yeah!

  • Lyne

    Page won’t even load for me…been trying since the text came through πŸ™

  • Kim

    Thanks freebieshark! Got it!

  • sbcown

    Been trying for over 5 minutes and can’t connect to the website.

  • Marie Sansdoigt

    Amazing, thanks!

  • Amy D

    Got mine, you have to be patient and let the page reload. Thanks Freebieshark!!

  • Jessica

    Got one for me and my mom! Awesome Freebie!!

  • Jennifer Schuljak

    took me quite a while of refreshing page but I was finally able to get one! Awesome!

  • Hope

    i know pple singed up for like 3 or 5 of these well they send them bc it said limt one per household so i was just wondering??

  • Kellie Spencer Fluegge

    Got one πŸ™‚

  • felixdacatt

    which browser are you using (folks that got through?) I still haven’t been able to… want a free bra! πŸ™‚ thx!

    • Carole

      IE but form stuck loading forever…

    • Diana Pitts

      I used Google Chrome.

  • sherry

    Got one πŸ™‚

  • tgreer1974

    woohooo…got one!! Took some patience though πŸ˜€ Thanks Freebie Shark!!!

  • Cindy Walters Husted

    I got one!!

  • ginger65

    Mine says my name and the bra your going to

    love in a white box the rest will not load. Did I get it??

  • Susan,TN

    Stated I got one but will wait and see. Looks like everyone was having trouble getting thru. I couldnt get loaded on computer but would load on my cell. Crazy.. But I hope I do receive one, fingers crossed. Thanks for the link!!!


    that’s weird….. the page opened, I entered my info, clicked submit, and then it said I broke the whole internet, try again, page doesn’t work….

  • Lisa Purdon

    I waited for almost 20 min for the page to load and it never did an now they are all gone and I really needed one of these I am done to one bra.

  • Polish descendant

    I filled out the request form within 2 minutes of receiving text alert. It looked as though everything went through, though I never got a conformation that it would be sent. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you,

  • taysariece

    i got one! It said the bra your going to live for is on the way… in the mean time blah blah blah! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Thanks sooooooooo much!

  • Carole

    Got an already entered error, hope that means I got one before it ended.

  • adrienne

    A bunch of greedy people in this group that claim they get one for a friend or family member. I call bs! let some of us other people get one too. I was trying on their site since before Freebieshark even posted the offer.

    • Beautii31

      you are so right i got one before it expired

    • Courtney

      I don’t think its greedy to get one for a friend, my friend is a homemaker with 2 kids, she uses FreebieShark to save money as we all do. She was busy looking after her kids so I used her information to get her a free bra as well. I got one and that’s all I need. I look out for my friends that’s not greed its kindness. Unfortunately these things are first come first serve so its a disappointment when you miss it but its certainly no ones fault. I’m sure plenty of people abuse it but don’t lump everyone in.

      • Marz

        The official rules clearly states one per email/household address. If you’re signing up for other people using their information I guess that’s cool, but I still think that these giveaways should be for people who find out about them first. My two cents.

        • 52swiss

          i agree with you 100%..this is why giveaways are so impossible for most of us

        • Anne-Marie P

          I agree. I found out about it early in the morning & could never get onto the page. I was so bummed out, I really could have used a new one & don’t have the funds to purchase it right now.

      • Hannyasan

        I totally agree about helping friends! I call them when there’s something really good and if I hear one or both lil ‘uns screaming in the background, then I’ll offer to try to get one for her…but only if she’s truly interested.

      • adrienne

        The people who abuse it know who they are. I’m entitled to my opinion, Courtney, as you yours. I’ll leave it at that. Have a nice day : )

      • Nunya

        Let her sign up for herself. If she’s not smart enough to do that herself, she shouldn’t be breeding.

        • MeThePrincess

          What a rude and nasty try of a woman you are, all because you’re not getting a stupid bra! She already said her friend has two kids, so the friend is dumb because she’s getting a bra thanks to her friend who cares about her, and you’re don’t have any of bra or friend? Oh, but if Courtney was your friend and got the bra for you, there would not be any problem in that case, right? (don’t lie, you wouldn’t send the bra back saying “oh, I’m sending it back because my friend thought I am not smart enough to sign up for myself, so here it is for other people to claim it”, give me a break!) People like you, that gives more value to a bra and other materialistic stuff than to human beings, are truly a disgrace for humanity.

      • amber

        I do the same thing, get things for friends or family that I know can use them. I got them for my friends and family early and was lucky to get through each time πŸ™‚ Sorry if other people were too slow. It’s lots of freebies that I haven’t gotten, but I managed to not cry about it lol

    • tammera

      just cause you did not think of it!! I have friends that are working poor it helps them.. My elderly aunt does not do internet, but she gets some things. I did not get bra for anyone, but man to whine about free.. beggars cant be choosers

      • adrienne

        Oh You’re right! I wouldn’t think of doing that and take away the chances of the people who are sitting at their computer or waiting on their phone, who are actually trying to get it for themselves when something goes live. All I’m saying is that its not fair to the ones who are trying to only get 1 for themselves and had taken time out of their day.S

    • princesslollie

      they are WAY too greedy..needs to be one per household at all times

      • MeThePrincess

        When you have your company doing a giveaway like this, you can add that rule. Meanwhile, we are no ones to say what should or should not about other people’s giveaways. It’s like getting a free ride and you want to tell the driver how to drive his own car.

  • Marie Miller

    why do they do that that is just wrong if you’re going to have a give away then make sure the page works. also how to you have a slow running page?? I thought it was the internet that cause the page to be slow??

  • lauralou

    I pressed submit then another box opened up said my name on it and no other text.. did I get it or not

    • Silver

      The same thing happened to me..I guess we will find out if it arrives in the mail lol

  • Marz

    I tried multiple times and it kept giving me an error. πŸ™

  • Connie Aguilar-quevedo

    This is not fair because I clicked it from my phone and got page opened quickly and filled info but no submit button. I did it immediately I received the text message from Freebie Shark. So I tried to do it on-line it never loaded properly it kept saying error! Seriously this is not fair and people getting more then one for family and friends! I really wanted one so badly! For those who got one enjoy!

  • Tiffany

    It says there’s 7113 left. The number keeps changing, going up. I think the site is having issues. I finally got it to go thru after 4 tries.

  • Hannyasan

    Says there’s 4537 still left! I finally got in with OPERA. I had to sign up for my friend who lives out of county because her hubby only uses IE! (meh!)

    • Marz

      It looks like you’ve already gotten two. Let your friends sign up for their free bras themselves.

      • Hannyasan

        I haven’t gotten 2. She works the night shift and just got off work. It’s being sent to her home and she doesn’t live anywhere near me and, at this hour, is a less than coherent… *lol*

  • Marz

    I tried again, it is now saying I already entered the giveaway, so hopefully I will be getting one!

  • amber

    Yes! I got one for me, my mom, and my sisters!

  • Tangled2

    I got one but because of the texts but I feel that overweight old ladies probably sat on their rolling chairs as soon as this happened and order 30 for their cats or something. Thanks but I’m kinda doubting this will come because another person in my household order one. Oh well maybe next time.

    • Marz

      Wow, this post was extremely uncalled for.

    • Tiffany

      Not everyone that’s overweight has a rolling chair. Kinda rude…

      • BettyeD


  • Curry

    Try again. I just got one.

  • Hannyasan

    My friend finally just got one and it says there’s 2324 left? The available numbers keep changing?! P.S. I told her to use OPERA as well….

    • Tiffany

      I just refreshed the page, I get a different number everytime, from -977 to 7114. I think the number may be random rather than the actual amount, especially since there was a negative number on there. I just hope all of our requests went through, most everyone had a hard time getting it

  • BettyeD

    Everyone has an excuse for why they break the rules for this stuff. But, for the ones that do, “getting extras to donate” and things like that are the reasons why these companies become so strict with their policies, and it’s even why some have quit doing GAs all together–they don’t run these giveaways for the homeless–they do their own charity work and don’t need SAHMs or the like to give away their promotional items for them. That’s MY 2 cents. I also don’t buy that the majority of these people are “giving them to friends.” Maybe some do, but I don’t think the majority do. And I think the ones that feel like they should explain themselves are the guilty ones. What’s the saying, “Guilty dog barks first.”

    • Courtney

      That’s interesting because the man responsible for this FreebieShark website often donates and encourages donating which is wonderful. What a blessing for the people who receive them.

      • Marz

        Yes, he donates the one item he signs up for. He encourages us to donate items that we aren’t going to use ourselves like cat food, dog food, baby stuff, not to sign up multiple times so that you’ve hoarded enough for you, your friends and more for donations.

        • BettyeD

          EXACTLY. The ONE item.

      • BettyeD

        That’s interesting because I have YET to see any description in the rules or advertising of any of the GAs that say “Please sign up for multiple items under several different aliases/emails so that the other people that are physically present at their computer wanting the freebies can’t get any of them because you just donated 20 of said item to your mom, cousin, homeless bag lady on the corner, etc.”

        I am making no remarks about things being or not being blessings; I am simply pointing out the SOLID facts–these giveaways are designed as brand awareness tools for advertising, not for hoarding for people that you THINK might enjoy or need them. Full stop.

        • MeThePrincess

          So to care about other people you appreciate or want to do a favor, you have to wait for companies to tell you to do it? Oh, but if your friends were the ones doing the favor to you, there would be no problem at all, right? Hypocrisy at its best.

          • BettyeD

            Illiteracy at at’s best, from what I can tell. I never mentioned anything about receiving freebies from friends, in fact that has never happened.

            You can do good will without taking from others in order to give to others that you deem are more worthy than the ones who were themselves waiting for it, FRAND.

  • sue

    was able to just get one on my phone… it’s still working, click on link anyway..right now it says there are about 2400 left..hurry!

  • Adrianna

    where’s the x

  • meth9069

    well I didn’t get one but thanks for posting this, Jason!

    For all you people complaining: get over it! It was FREE and LIMITED! NOT everyone was going to get one. Just try something else some other time. GET OVER IT! And have a nice day πŸ™‚

    • Marz

      It’s posts like these that make people want to leave this site. I enjoy coming here and finding out about offers, and I USED to enjoy the conversations. Now, all people do is belittle one another. I’m so over this childishness.

      • meth9069

        were you one of the people complaining? Yeah, I thought so. Get over yourself!

        • Marz

          I did voice my concern about people taking advantage of these giveaways. Get over myself? Right, who are you anyway?

  • Mof3

    It’s not working at the moment..

  • goldi43192

    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  • Sam

    It’s not working! Website errors!!

  • Kimberly Mayberry

    Send to an error, has been removed page. πŸ™ I am disabled and have no income right now. This would have been nice to get.

  • sissy

    link don’t work

    • Mof3

      It does not work for me either…

  • Karen Kelley

    I put all my info in and hit submit which took me to a error page. Not sure if I got it or not. I hope so since I was able to hit submit.

  • debbie k.

    says page not found.. πŸ™

  • Tammy

    must be over with, get a error 404.

  • karolmahle

    all i get is error 404 page

  • Sheyann

    Keeps coming up as Error 404. I tried the first time this was available and submitted my info, then the page went blank. I’m not sure if it worked or not. I tried about 4 more times and the same thing happened every time. Thanks for posting these Jason, I just wish the websites would be ready for the amount of people that try to get their free product so that they don’t crash all the time.

    • Sheyann

      I just got an e-mail saying that my bra is on its way. I guess one of my tries went through!! Thank you again Jason!!

  • lowes91

    There is an error on the page, and why all the fussing? is a free product, and I also donate to local shelters the things I get and don’t use, but I do not get extra for friends nor do I clear shelves in store to do so, we are adults so lets act like them! Thanks Jason for all your hard work!

  • carla

    all I get is a 404 page not found error πŸ™

  • carla

    it is taking me to facebook??????????

    • Diane Cline

      Yes Carla it will. From there you link to the free site.

  • delilah

    where is the form

  • gunner

    I was trying to get this deal the minute it was listed and the link wasn’t even working right. And when Iplease have the link ready for use once you post…this has happened many times before

  • Theresa Scott

    They need to do some of these giveaways after 4pm so the people who work pay check to paycheck can get the freebies too.

  • AngryGirl

    Why do they have all of these giveaways in the mornings, what about the people that work, guess they just miss out. Wish that it was a one day sweepstakes instead of a giveaway. There are too many greedy people who are requesting freebies for everyone in the family. It should be limit one per person, household, email address. Better still it should be one per i.p. address. Eventually these companies are going to stop with the giveaways because people don’t want to follow the rules.

  • Mella Baker

    What a great freebie! Too bad I missed it πŸ™

  • Rita

    Denial email even though I entered…..

  • Ashlie

    Got an email confirmation the other day for this! πŸ™‚ Excited!

    • amber

      Yay! So did I! Extra excited!

  • Devin T

    I had tried to get this freebie and it went through! I saw on the Facebook page that only certain people who got them were sent emails and luckily I got an email (In my junk box)! Yay! I feel that Bali is a dependable company and it was an honest flaw in technology for their miscount. I would also be upset if it said I would receive one and then I never do. Sorry to those who experienced this problem πŸ™

  • Ophelia Meadows

    Okay, I’m late to the party and no one will probably even see this post BUT all the people that were whining and throwing a hissy fit because people were signing up their friends/family members with that friend and/or family members’ information just look like big babies. That’s really, really immature. My best friend doesn’t have a computer so I often sign her up for samples that I know she can use. That’s actually the exact opposite of selfish. That’s taking the time out of your day for someone you know can use something but can’t get it themselves. Put your big girl panties on and grow up already.

  • Caroline Scott

    I received my Bali Bra today! Thanks you so much!

    • FreebieShark

      YAY! That’s awesome! Enjoy πŸ™‚

  • Marie Sansdoigt

    Received my Bali bra yesterday! It’s so comfy! Thank you FreebieShark!

    • FreebieShark

      You are very welcome Marie!

  • bonnie18

    I received mine yesterday. Love it…prettiest blue ever and ever so comfortable! Thanks FreebieShark!

    • FreebieShark

      You’re welcome Bonnie! Enjoy!! πŸ™‚