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at 7:26 pm
by Jason
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Hurry! Snag a FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor by texting SCHICK to 24444 right now on your cell phone! They’ll reply back with a request link. Hurry, these will go quick! Standard texting rates apply. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery! Let us know if you snagged one!

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  • “Technical difficulties” 🙁

  • Cassy

    Site is down 🙁

  • I got a message saying that “Premium messing to this nuber has been blocked…” how do I fix this? Never had that message before.

    • Christine

      I got the same message. It’s so frustrating!

  • shannanigans

    Says technical difficulties every time I try the link.

  • Wow. What a shocker. Technical difficulties. Happens every giveaway. You’d think they would figure it out and be prepared

  • Tiffany

    Says its blocked. 🙁

  • Heartlandhannah

    Been trying for 10 minutes – it’s gone from technical difficulties to it now just says site not found.

  • Ingerlise

    same here tech difficulties

  • karen

    don’t have a cellphone!

    • me neither im gonna have to get one just for sweeps and freebies

  • Hopefully it straightens out soon. 🙂

  • Anitra’s

    Got mines 😉 #teamiphone

  • Cletus

    Bait and switch

  • chucky

    got mine


    Got MINE

  • hannah

    got one!

  • sheyann

    got one

  • Nicole

    Just an FYI for everyone….I kept getting the Technical Problems message so I resent the word Schick and they sent me a new link and that worked so I GOT MINE….YEAH 🙂

  • Christine

    It still says that its blocked.

  • Jenn

    On its way! Thanks!!

  • steph

    so sad…i didn’t realize the link would have to be through my phone. i don’t have internet on my phone. (yep..some of us still don’t)…thanks anyway

    • Curtis

      I do not have Internet on my phone. I have a cheap prepaid cell phone (I bought it at CVS with my Extra Care Bucks last year). I sent the text and got a reply. I typed that website address in my computer and was able to order it online.

  • peeko03

    Just did it and got one…must be back up again

  • eddy74

    Got it ! Thank you !

  • Lia

    got mine through my husband cellphone ;-D thanks

  • ErinTn

    Got one!!! Thank you!!!

  • Heathergraced

    Got one!!

  • Got one love my free stuff

  • jay

    Mine keeps saying i didn’t put correct area code?? I didn’t get it.

  • So this is only for smart phones, huh? That stinks. Oh well, back to watching my playback of Nikita.

    • Melanie Caton

      Enter the link they text you back into your laptop or pc browser bar hon. It worked for me.

  • suzieq1119

    it still says blocked:(

  • I just got mine so it is working for me 🙂

  • Beautii31

    Thanks got it

  • heartlandhannah

    yay, got one this round – thanks : )

  • Got one! Thanks!

  • I got one! Thanks for all your great work Freebieshark!

  • tina

    i got 1 coming thank you so much

  • Melanie Caton

    Got mine! And no, I don’t have a smart phone. I just entered the link they sent to my phone into my laptop browser bar! Thanks Jason-you rock!

  • i couln’t get the link because my response to the text was that i have premium texting blocked. I am not changing my settings thru verizon because I don’t want to get charged for any texts or take a chance my kids will sign up for something. oh well 🙁

  • Says I’m blocked because I dont have premium messaging :*( oh well I guess

  • Karina

    got one! 🙂

  • guest

    got one!

  • Morgan

    just got mine, thanks!!

  • kim

    i just got mine!

  • Jennifer B.

    sweet just got it, ty! I also got 8 of them at walmart the other day for a little over $2 because I had 8 coupons for $5 off and the razors are on sale there right now for $5.37, it comes with the razor and the one blade thats on it. So basically I got 8 blades for just over $2!

  • Coco

    Just got it, thanks Freebie Shark!

  • shannanigans

    just worked for me Sat 4/13 @ 11pm

  • Curtis

    1:23 am PST on Saturday, April 14th and I was able to order mine!

  • Got mines. Thanks!

  • We’re experiencing technical difficulties. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later. Thank you.

  • Laurie

    weird… i got the offer from my husband’s phone, but tried it from mine immediately after and it still says it’s blocked!

  • raegal

    Got it! Thanks!

  • jenn

    got mine TY!

  • says invaid number or blocked

  • Candice

    got mine after I resent the word Schick. First time I got technical difficulties too! but now my free sample is on the way!

  • Meg

    “premium messaging to this customer has been blocked” same message still!

  • can someone send me the link? i have premium text messaging blocked on my phone. i dont want to pay $10 for premium text messaging.

  • Mine says invalid short code or blocked

  • It is still available because you will get charged for them to send you a text message. I got a reply stating that “Premium Messaging to this number has been blocked by the account owner”…

  • Got it and worked perfectly!!

  • here’s the link if you dont have premium text messaging:

  • got one!

  • got it!

  • Lydia Filipasic

    I tried 3 times wont let me do it some type of difficulties!

  • Got one!

  • candice w.

    i have one coming soon! 🙂

  • Got one!!

  • kristy

    I got mine in the mail last week!! Love the freebies~

  • kcfluegge

    Got the razor. Hated it. With all those blades it really should come with a disclaimer that says, “Only shaves peach fuzz; and, that, not very closely.” At least I didn’t pay for it! 🙂

  • don

    check here they have many freebies also there!

  • Juanita

    Got N loved! Will be definitely switching my razor