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by Jason
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76 HonkUPDATE: They changed it so that it is only valid in CA, OR, and WA. Right now you can order a FREE 76 Honk Suppressor! Just wait for the “Order Yours Free” button to appear and fill out the short form. This seems like a fun freebie! It’s designed to give drivers a more harmless alternative to honking their horn with this squeaky toy! 😀

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  • Bawilliams

    I cannot get this to load on my desk top, but my iphone is going through perfectly and its giving me the option to send more to friends

  • Bawilliams

    working really good on my mobile, but not on my desk top

  • Cletus

    Wwhat is a honk suppressor?

  • Beautii31

    Thanks worked great on my Galaxy Note but my desktop No

  • Tammy

    Thanks, I got me 1!

  • Anna Marie Plant

    Thank you! I got one for my family and myself. 🙂

  • Robin

    ordered one for a friend and one for myself!

  • Yay…ordered one for my sister 😉 Thanks!!

  • Brenda

    only allowing me to bring up California, Oregon, and Washington for states you can order for

  • Jane

    My husband and our kids said, “mom u need help on your honking habits”? So I finally gave in on ordering one they tried to get me one at the 76 station but they don’t even have a clue about the honking button so u have to go on line like i just did just to get one. K thanks!

  • Aretta Carthen Steptoe-Jones

    How can this free ad be expired, when the commerical showed on chn 2 8/12/13…could this be false advertisement….?

  • Julie X

    you can still get them on the 76 website! I just ordered two a couple of days ago

  • Christine Daniels

    Want a 76 honke. But did not fine it