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at 8:05 pm
by Jason
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UPDATE: MPWWRFTY is a new code to try! If you’re a My Coke Rewards Member, you can possibly add 40 more points to your account! Just go over here and enter Subway’s Footlong Frenzy Game with codes SOUTHWEST, RJJ3JXAX, JS7XSCXX, RNYFP9YK, JVPJJ9V9, KXX9KX7A, or JCH9HH6Y! Most will (not all) win a FREE 20oz. Coca-Cola Product, which is 40 MCR Points! They will e-mail you the code (may take a few minutes), which you can redeem on My Coke Rewards! (Thank You, Budget Savvy Diva, Heather, Jackie, & Chris!)

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  • Anton Attard

    It said Sorry didnt win

  • Maura

    Didn’t win anything 🙁

  • Laura Priest Johnson

    I entered the code but it said I didn’t win today 🙁

  • kasia

    i dont think this will work for everyone. i lost.

  • Susan S., TN

    Didn’t win anything!! Not a for sure win with that cose!!!

  • Maggie

    I won a free bag of chips which is actually a $2 Subway card that will be mailed to my house. I’d rather have had the MCR points for my kids school! 😉

  • mb

    won 20oz coke!

  • rinx2

    I won free chips ($2.00)

  • Cletus

    Won the coke! Sweet!

  • Devon Marie

    i got a free footlong

  • vkl

    won free 20 oz coca cola product, which is 40 mcr points…Thanks!

  • Tammy

    I didn’t win either!

  • lowes

    i won,,thanks Jason!

  • Marz

    I won a free coke (40 MCR pts)! Thanks!

  • Adrienne

    I won! Thanks 🙂

  • Mary Kirkland

    I won the coke. Thanks!

  • Sandy

    Won a free coke (40 points) – Thank you!

  • dixie

    won a free coke

  • Arlene Tolbert Gruehl

    thank you, I won the 40 MCR 🙂

  • Tiffany Tiff Rodriguez

    I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAOOO THANK YOU



  • devitodesigns

    Just one a free coke! Yippeeeee!!! Thanks for the code!

  • Lauren L

    Won a FREE Footlong! THANKS! 🙂

  • ME

    Codes are 12 or 14 characters

    • redruby62

      those codes are for subway contest which you might win coke points

  • Ari

    I haven’t won anything 3 times now… so I wouldn’t say most win…

  • dee jordan

    coke codes wont work for me

    • lollylover

      those are coke codes–they are codes for the instant win game

  • Carol

    Didn’t win anything. 🙁 (Does anyone have any other codes for the Subway contest?) And, the above Coke codes are too short.

    • Jason

      The above are not Coke Codes, they are codes to play the subway game.

  • QponDiva

    I scored a free coke! Thanks!

  • kari

    the codes will not work for me.

  • Mary Knapp Kiefreider

    Won a free 20 oz. Thank you!!

  • Kayleen M Scott

    i won a coke product

  • Angela Fritze Chadwick

    I won a free coke…thanks Freebieshark!

  • Cary Royall Matthews

    Won a coke! Thanks!

  • Maxine

    Won the Coke, but nothing else. Where can I get codes from other than here, and can you reuse these same codes tomorrow?

  • Rachel

    Thank you for the new code! I just won 40 points!

  • Karly Daro

    nothing from the 3 newer ones!

  • swagmamav

    Thanks! I actually won 40 MCR points!!

  • Stacey J.

    Thanks! I just won.

  • stacie

    won a free 20 oz. coca cola , thanks

  • Barbara J.

    YAY! I won a Free Footlong! Thanks so much!

  • steph

    I won. Woooo hoooo

  • Kathryn Beamish


  • Lori

    Yea won the Free COKE

  • April Ann Lehmann

    I won a free coke

  • Raeane

    None of these codes worked

  • karina

    won a free coke! 🙂

  • Lydia Filipasic

    Won a free 20 oz coke! Thanks! The 1st code worked for me

  • Cheryl Stacey

    Won a free coke! It said I would get an email with my coke rewards code.How long should that take?

    • richard ginty

      about 1 hour!

    • Max

      It will take approx 1hour

  • Den Walker

    I won a 20 ounce coke too! Thanks

  • Anonymous


  • Es@BKL

    Scored with 40 points! with code JVPJJ9V9 ! Thanks!

  • Kris

    Won a free coke and chips, thanks!!

  • ron

    what is the code for the free mcr 40 points?

  • cally

    Codes aren’t long enough. Need to be 9 letters/ #s. They don’t work.

  • Nikki

    Won, Thanks