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at 10:20 am
by Jason
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New offer! Get a FREE P&G Coupon Booklet, which contains tons of awesome P&G coupons (over $17 worth)! This coupon booklet includes coupons for everyday household products such as Mr. Clean, Febreze, Dawn, and Swiffer. You’ll need to login or register to score your FREE Booklet! Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!

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  • Connie

    EVERY single time I try to log into this website it says that I have to reset my password and then it locks me out!!! Does anyone else have this problem with PG???

    • emma

      i did but then i re-registered wit a different email.. so try that

  • Tara

    Can’t wait for this one! Thanks! 🙂

  • mar

    I keep getting locked out of the page – what for? it justs coupons nothing secure or financial! crazy. It told me to reset password – and when I do it locks me out. I might just forget about trying to get their coupons anymore.

  • Nancy

    Me Too! Keeps locking me out!

  • peaches3429

    Every time I try to type my info it starts over and clears page with every letter what is wrong with the site

  • Kris

    Maybe all you guys that couldnt get it before should try again because i had no problems at all.. Hopefully it works for you because i know how it can be annoying.. just keep trying.