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at 9:06 am
by Jason
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UPDATE: There’s a new JELL-O ad available! Here’s a cool new website that some of you may be interested in! If you want to make some extra cash, you can currently Earn Money By Watching Ads from Jingit! I just registered for the first time and quickly earned $.80 by watching a few ads! To create an account, you’ll need to connect with Facebook, and you must verify your account via a verification code sent through text message. Once you’ve created an account, check their homepage for more earning opportunities. New videos are added daily! Plus, if you use Jingit while youā€™re at Walmart and scan products, you’ll be able to earn even more money.

There is a $10 weekly earning limit as a new member. Once you’ve earned $2.00, you’ll be able to score the Jingit Visa Debit Card, which is how you will be paid! If you are already a Jingit member, please let us know how you like it in the comments section! šŸ˜€

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  • DonnittaAhlert

    I’ve been a jingit member for quite a while. It has gone through a lot of changes. Not as many ads to watch as in the past. Scans are only at Walmart. Jingit Visa debit is a easy way to get paid. Your weekly limit increases if your friends sign up. FREE MONEY!!

    • FreebieShark

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Michelle

      How do you refer friends?

  • jlsmom06

    where is th esign up it bering me to but i see no jingit sign up link after that

    • FreebieShark

      You should see a big “Earn Now” button. Try clicking the link in the post again if you don’t see it. Hope this helps!

      • jlsmom06

        no i just see in stores now: jingit. and the only sign up is for walmart email…

      • jlsmom06

        i just googled jingit and signed up that way thanks

  • Corina Gee

    Signed up and getting started. Have 1.20 so far lol

  • BeccaC

    It says watch video and take a survey – how long is the survey? I’m not interested in taking long surveys (more than 5 minutes).

    • FreebieShark

      Very quick.. multiple choice style surveys šŸ™‚

  • Guest

    Is facebook the only method of signing up??

    • FreebieShark

      Yup, unfortunately there is no other method.

  • Ashley Lambert

    It sucks that I can’t sign up because I dont have a cell phone

    • Alexandra Romanov

      Use Google phone texting.

  • LM

    Be careful. The prepaid visa debit has A LOT of HIGH FEES. I cut up my card and stopped using the service. I may have earned $9 from watching ads, but to use their prepaid card it is $4.50 to use to make a purchase.

    • Nora Chambers

      I have used my Jing It card several times to make purchases in a store, or to buy amazon gift cards and have NEVER EVER been charged a fee.

  • Dan Dohlstrom Hit up my link if you please .. in 2 days have made over 6 dollars so far

  • Lyne

    I don’t know if I’m looking in the wrong place, but after I sign in, it always says, “Check back later! New chances to earn soon” It’s been 5 days and I’ve only earned $2.30….I hope there are more chances soon with ads online soon without having to have a smart phone!

  • Donnalyn

    I was told by a coworker that does this that they want your social security #. That isn’t going to happen so I’ll pass.

  • Corina Gee

    I cannot get it to allow me to check in/scan items when i am at walmart. I finds the store, shows me the items needed, but when i go to the individual items its says, Oops get closer to unlock…..” frustrating.


    earned .38 in less than 5 minutes! Totally worth it. Thanks.


    There is a one time 2.00 enrollment fee, but after there the monthly fee is free. There is a complete list of the jingit site.

  • Janette Hipp

    I never received my texts to get started.

  • James Freeman

    i have a question, does jingit allow pre-paid cell phone with texting ? thank you

  • lalals57

    I joined a week ago and have made $2.58 – let’s face it you aren’t going to get rich , actually you couldn’t survive on what you make with Jingit!! lol But for a couple of minutes time and that’s all it takes you can earn a little “pocket money” If I had a smart phone I see that I could earn more and they say they will be adding more content soon so that will increase earnings – I just went on the link you have up and there’s nothing but the check back later…so it must be the ad I watched the other day – I figure I’ll just let the money build up like a mini bank account and maybe in 5 or 10 years ( ha ha ha ) I’ll have enough to buy a gallon of gas – it’s $4.69 now and go to Walmart… maybe take a look at smart phone prices….