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at 12:04 pm
by Jason
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Pantene Moisture WhipThinking about donating your hair? If so, be sure to request a FREE Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donations Kit! The kit includes a return envelope with prepaid postage, ponytail cutting instruction sheet, up to $30 rebate form, a ziplock bag for your ponytail, and a Pantene Beautiful Lengths bonus bag. Allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery!

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  • sherry

    Got one! thanks

  • kim s.

    sent for my kit this am. have done this before with supercuts

  • Angie Nelson

    Well I have hair down to my waist. I have been thinking about doing this for a while, actually just talking about it yesterday to a friend of mine and lo and behold look what appears.

    • Jessymichelle

      Same here! I also have hair down to my waist and was just talking with my husband about how I should donate it. Definitely a sign!

  • Cookie Christina M Eder

    They are all out of kits.

  • Lisa T

    bummer, I am going to donate my hair – 2 more inches to go.. just heard of this site from a family member this weekend. Hopefully they will re-do it again.

  • mandy

    im not gunna donate my hair for free sampoo lol sorry jason

  • I signed up for this the last time it was posted and got an email today to confirm I wanted a kit sent to me. So if you signed up for the kit before, be on the look out for an email from them and make sure you confirm it or they won’t send the kit to you.

  • Bmarie Crazygirl

    so i tried to get one but says i dont meet the requirements…WHAT????? my hair is down to my butt and i dont qualify……time to change brands of shampoo/conditioner since my hair is not good enough for them…..

  • Tiffany Vick

    Wish i would have seen this before cutting my hair 🙁

  • Debra

    So do you have to send a ponytail????