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at 12:47 pm
by Jason
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MintiesThis freebie was previously open to Sam’s Club members only, but it is now open to everyone! Hurry on over here to request a FREE Sample of Minties Dog Treats! Just watch the short video. You do NOT need a membership number to request this. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery! (Thanks, Budget Savvy Diva!)

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  • Brittney

    I watch the video but it doesn’t show me where to get the sample..

    • mARY6

      after the video the link will be next to it in yellow

  • Michelle Kolczynski

    I watched the video but it doesn’t link to the free sample. I tried again and got the same results.

  • SaintThomas VI

    Ordered mine….thanks!

    • SaintThomas VI

      Received yesterday.

  • Melissa Martin Canter

    I couldn’t get the sample, because it DOES require you put in a sams membership number, and if you don’t have one you cannot process the request!

  • K2licious

    Was able to order one without a membership number… THANKS!

  • Rebecca Huffman Bennett

    I got mine without a membership number .

  • Nicole Danielle

    just ordered mine, no membership # need!

  • Susan

    I watched a few videos like it said, now where and how do I claim my dogs free treats?? Please help!!

  • SaintThomas VI

    Got the mintie!!! Thanks!

  • Denisse Marjean

    mine didnt work redirect me back to he video every time I click on get sample