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by Jason
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UPDATE: Some readers have stated that Amazon charged them for a full year. If this happened to you, CALL them right away to straighten it out, and they’ll fix it. Amazon Mom is once again available again for registration! Note that this is only valid for those who have never had an Amazon Prime membership before. Right now, you can get 3 FREE Months of Amazon Prime, plus great discounts on diapers and baby wipes.

After signing up, make sure to do the following so they do not automatically renew your membership after 3 months:

  • Go to your account > Manage Prime Membership > Click Do Not Upgrade > Then Click “Turn-Off Auto Upgrade” > That’s it! 🙂

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  • Marz

    For whatever reason, it’s saying that I’m a Prime member until November 28, 2013.

    • Gina

      My credit card was charged $75. i had to cancel it immediately..


      • Gina

        I meant $79

        • Marz

          I had to use the method where they call your phone and have them cancel it. Apparently, when you click on Amazon Mom’s link, you’re there at first and then somehow you end up back on Amazon Prime’s site. They are refunding the $79, and said it should actually not even show up in my bank account since I caught it before the debit was made. I think we have to go back in to activate the free 3 month trial.

          • FreebieShark

            How did that end up happening?! It’s a free 3-month trial- did you order the full package from their main prime page?

          • Marz

            I don’t understand it. I clicked on the link above and joined Amazon Mom from that. The rep said that you can get diverted easily on their page, but I do not remember doing anything other than submitting my app to Amazon Mom. The rep said I ended up on the Prime site, but I never confirmed a debit to my credit card. It’s almost a bait and switch kind of thing, although I have love for Amazon. Like I said in another post, I think it may have something to do with me using a free one month trial a couple months ago. I did get the 3 month trial of Prime.

          • FreebieShark

            OOH! That explains it, this deal is only valid for those who have never had a prime trial before. Did they still let you keep this trial?

          • Marz

            They failed to tell me that it’s only for those new to Prime. Or, maybe I misread. Anyway, I was told that if I re-signed up for Amazon Mom that my 3 month trial would be activated, however, they charged my card another $79!!!! My bank called me this morning wanting to know if these were legitimate charges. Amazon is crediting my money back, but I am disappointed that they misinformed me during our conversation. I’ve cancelled, and frankly I am not concerned whether I get the three months of Prime or not. I like Amazon, but I am disgusted with the way they charge your account with no disclosure, there was nothing on the site that told me I was being charged, I had to call and ask if my account would be debited. The rep actually told me “no”, that the credit would offset and nothing would hit my account. This was completely inaccurate, both debits hit my account last night and one credit of $79 was refunded back this morning. I probably don’t even order enough to incur $79 worth of shipping charges a year.

            I still love Amazon and will continue to be a dedicated customer, I just will not use their Prime product. Also, thank you Jason for all you do here at FreebieShark!

            *By the way, I ordered the Harry Potter set yesterday. However, I wanted the Blu Ray version. I found it on, an 11 disc set, with 8 Blu Rays and 3 DVDs and ended up paying only $43.19 AFTER SHIPPING!

          • FreebieShark

            That’s terrible! Glad you got it taken care of, sorry that happened to you! Thanks for being an awesome fan, it means a lot to me! Thanks for the heads up about the Harry Potter set! Have a fantastic day! 🙂


      • FreebieShark

        It is a freebie, you must have somehow ended up at the main Amazon Prime page! 🙁 Did you end up with the 3-month trial at least?

  • I had non problem with it at all. It shows that my free membership expires Feb. 27,2013 and does NOT automatically upgrade to a paid subscription then.

    • Marz

      I had a free one month trial a couple months ago. I think this is what caused my issue. They assure me it’s being taken care of.

  • They gave me a free $10 too! Great diaper deals because of this.

  • Phil

    If you have a college email address you can also get a year of Amazon Prime for free.

    • Really?? that will be awesome, how can we do that?