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at 3:35 pm
by Jason
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Wahoo! Head on over here and use invite code 5qk1vr to score a FREE “Thit!” T-Shirt! Be sure to confirm your e-mail. Thit is a new up and coming social networking site, set to launch early next year. I did verify that this freebie is in fact legitimate before posting (like I always do)! Lots of readers requested one last week, and already received theirs! Let us know if you score one!
UPDATE: I received mine last week!

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  • invalid invite code

  • Invalid invitation code, is there another one?

    • FreebieShark

      Try again with no spaces!

  • when thit launches it’ll have a huge freebie community.

  • correction, its the right code just capitalize everything.

  • it says invalid code

  • HOHiCV here is another code if you cant get the first to work.

  • Andrea

    I got one!

  • Colleen K.

    Not For Canadians…

  • Vicky

    Worked fine for me as is…looking forward to received a new shirt!

  • audrey

    I got one…capitalize the code

  • code worked for me.

  • Heidi S

    worked fine for me!

  • 45NL3e here is another code that can be used!

  • nessie

    IkEsbv try this one if the others don’t work

  • BrutalQuinn

    You can use this code if you like as well. qnQ0Ot

  • Mrs. Cortes

    Worked for me

  • u can use this code

  • flowercat


  • cdhum

    Yay! Finally I wasn’t an offer that hadn’t EXPIRED by the time I got to it!

  • SunnyD

    Here is another code to use. OMmCVt

  • Martha C


  • CMD

    This code works also jraEW5

  • flowercat


  • Frances61793

    this code worked for me 5qk1vr I thought the number 1 was a lower case I when I changed to a one ( 1 ) it worked

  • eelo

    this code worked: 5qk1vr

  • Jen

    If original code doesn’t work – DON’T copy and paste, instead type manually. I got through. Thanks so much for the post!

  • Tammy

    Got one, thanks!

  • Here is a new code everyone, DO NOT copy and paste.

  • lizzy

    2LGHk8 worked

  • Alex

    Try This Code UMpSK7 Don’t Copy And Paste!

  • cool thanks! I copy and pasted it worked for me.

  • Nancy

    you can use this code to LmFJ6v

  • It says my code is invalid

  • jewels

    Another new code for people: IPe52K

  • 4SfMNW another code

  • Cletus

    Use this code VoPtbr

  • Your Invitation code is: mtg9Yv

  • rianna

    This worked 2LGHk8

  • here is a Code that worked for me RQwHyt

  • This is the latest one: YaA70M

  • Use this code: DkOtPy it worked for me.

  • ronnika


  • This is the new code:

  • yeah, here a code which worked for me, YwYQgC

  • Dawn

    GwfPrv invitation code from me 🙂

  • V3dGNw….invite code it gave me…if ya’ll wanna use it…thanks

  • Alexandra Rothe

    Another code: c4q4Dk

  • milagreta r.

    another code that worked is j179t4

  • 404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  • 5qk1vr

  • I got mine!

  • here is a code that is fine 5qk1vr

  • julie mcdonald

  • my code worked ,but I can’t get an E-MAIL FROM THEM. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE

  • how do you sign up to get it

  • Thanks here’s my code

  • thanks here’s my code

  • Karen

    this is cool

  • Count Me In, LOL

  • nick

    here is my code QZ5jCI

  • debbie jordan

    i would like a free t-shirt. thanks.

  • Here’s My Code CRwPLv

  • Michael Tarpey

    Here is the invite code. 5qk1vr

  • free t-shirt please 5qk1vr

  • Please send me my free t-shirt size Large Love getting things free in the mail. I love the samples I recieve. Thanks a Bunch

  • cool man need one

  • Gina

    please send an xl thanks

  • mary

    Put all info in then when got to size it quit

  • GET A FREE TSHIRT with code: DkOtPy

  • sharon conley here’s my code for the t-shirt 5qk1vr please send xl

  • sarab

    I am trying to get t-shirt.. but it says that THIS ADDRESS HAS ALREADY RECEIVED T-SHIRT. I came just 2 months back to this address .. can anybody tell me how old is this offer.. I want to know Is this offer genuine, and whether the previos tenants in this address have taken t-shirt. pls let me know what shal i do now to get the T-shirt..

    • sara

      pls let me know if anybody has really received t-shirt. company should prefer email address, where no bad luck effects the 2nd occupants..

  • I signed up and received shirt in two weeks time. Great shirt too.

  • sharon

    Heres the code 5qk1vr

  • toni

    I requested mine a month ago if not better when it first came out, i have not received yet so i figured i try again now its telling me this phone number is already in system…hhhuuummm!!!

  • Jenn…

    Believe it or not? I’m still waiting for my free ‘Thit! t-shirt. It’s been at least 2 months now. I sent an email to hopefully resolve this issue.

  • Amanda Wood

    5qk1yr is the code. Love the t in a med. cool stuff!!!

  • I DOESN’T WORK FOR CANADA!!!! :-((((((

  • christy hannaman

    Thank You! Here Is my Code 5qklvr

  • ripowers40

    Thank you!!! Here is my code: 5qk1vr

  • melody

    Here is my 5qk1vr

  • Cathy

    Just tried again it was a no go but if anyone reads this I’d like a
    L plz

  • moon1963

    yes I would love a free “THIt” t-shirt code 5qk1vr… biggest you got please

  • carolina cat

    thit boo boo! lol, cool t-shirt!

  • I never got mine 🙁

  • i would love at shirt.thank you

  • Judy

    I would love to have a free T-shirt size extra large

    • Judy


  • christina bassett

    I would love to have an wear this shirt!!!my code to enter is5qk1vr

  • wKu7KO

  • xlarge

  • Liz

    My code is 5qk1vr hope I can get one 2 x

  • edith adams

    edith adams 5qk1vr

  • robin conlon

    They are now out but not before I snagged one! A code is not needed!!!

  • How do you get a shirt?

  • Desteni

    Ordered / confirmed mine the day it was posted. . . Stll haven’t received.

  • tracy beth

    I got my free T-shirt wow!! Thanks alot!!