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at 1:15 pm
by Jason
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If you are a member of Smiley360, you might want to log into your account now! Several readers have e-mailed me letting me know that there’s a new Wisk Deep Clean mission on Smiley360! Simply log into your account and see if you are offered this mission. Once you complete the survey, you’ll be notified via e-mail if you scored this freebie.

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  • Vivian

    Didn’t get it..

  • Chris97269

    You have to have kids to qualify. Oh well 🙂

  • Jan

    i didnt qualify and i have 2 kids!

  • cletus

    I think you have to have a certain number of people/kids in your household.

  • Tampagne

    have to have 4+ kids.. blah

  • Family4williams

    I qualified, 2 kids, i do the laundry, ive tried wisk, used it in the last 30 days, i will recommend it

  • Carter003

    I only have 1 kid (17) but he should count as 5. It seems like every time I turn around he has changed into something else.

  • Xxsandyxx03

    I never got an email if I qualified or not

  • thenona

    I’m in!!, Didn’t get an E-Mail, however, when I logged back into my smiley acct. I was offered to take part in the mission.