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at 1:30 pm
by Donna
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Walmart is offering up a FREE Sample of U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, Cleanwear Pads, and a FREE Clutch!  Hurry on over here and click on Build your Board to snag yours – while supplies last!  Allow 4 weeks for it to arrive!

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  • The link took me to a place to buy them but says nothing about anything free…

  • KG

    link not working 🙁 what am I doing wrong.

  • Sullivankegen

    After I create the board and press “Get my Sample” it just takes me to the Walmart Website .. giving me no option to plug in my info.

  • Drcwhetzel

    No freebies! Just took me to the order page at!

  • lisa sanders


  • Lydia

    Site is getting SLAMMED. I see the sample but can’t get into it yet

  • JL

    clicked on “get sample” and it flipped me over to the regular Walmart page. No place to sign up!

  • Samples are gone

  • clkdayton

    i got through to the link but it says they are out of samples

  • Mimi

    says its all gone :/

  • Ilonagrosz

    this sucks you cannot get not get int0 this web site I will be calling Walmart

  • Cletus

    Sold out already.

  • Lisa

    got it

  • Garcialvssd

    it took me to a link to purchase them….they must be gone already = ( darn!

  • Debbie3439

    The link isn’t working.

  • Worked ok for me 🙂

  • musicmom

    just worked for me.thank you!

  • Stjazz7

    took me to a walmart page, but nothing about it…

  • Julyjj2001

    i made the board, then get sample but no luck! boo

  • Helopoh

    You need to create a pinboard then it gives you the option to get the sample.

  • Wortel1

    I just got mine. It takes a while.
    Just finish the board and it should come up.

  • Bxsailor

    Got one, Thanks!

  • Guest

    too confusing.

  • johnathans_jiggle

    JUST got one! The “build your board” button didn’t load at first but I just refreshed. Thanks!!

  • Julyjj2001

    i made the board, pinned it and got sent to the free sample spot…. then it takes me to walmart home page but nothing else????

  • JL

    still no place to sign up

  • lisa sanders

    yep nothing still

  • brenda little

    i got no where only to build the cluctch then went wal mart then nothing???

  • Julyjj2001

    still no luck!

  • Patty

    Nope, didn’t work for me either.

  • marie

    got mine !!! Thanks!

  • Vicki

    Got a Walmart page & no sample sign up after doing the board?

  • Missdiana84

    I just did it. you hvae to make a board.

  • Guld1391

    It wont take me to the form to fill out to get them just to a walmart page that i cant even see whole page!!!

  • xenias

    just got mine. thanks!

  • JMSMITH279


  • guest

    i made the board pinned it and also got sent to a walmart webpage that says nothing about any free samples :/

  • guest

    kinda stuped they have a link but nothing there

  • Pgahn

    I did the board and saved it and the place it sent me said nothing about a free sample. What’s up?

  • worked for me…

  • Nyflgrl2005

    Something is wrong with the link once you submit your pinboard….:(

  • Julyjj2001

    use google chrome>>>>>> I tried all day but finally read to use google chrome ! worked like a charm!

  • Michelle

    it didnt work for me either.

  • Samurai1923

    got mine

  • just got mines with no problem! Thanks!

  • Cm_dahl

    thank you very much for the google chrome idea………… it worked like a charm.

    8~ D

  • april

    wont work with internet explorer, but works fine with google chrome

  • Cletus

    Ok, I did it on google chrome and it worked! But how do we know if we’re getting the clutch or not

  • Cletus

    Tip: If you want to send to friends/relatives, dont close the page that you did the board on. Just keep hitting the ‘get sample’ button to send another.

  • Please allow up to four weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox.

  • guest

    Got one ,using Google Chrome.Thanks!

  • Vicki

    They need to fix this, built the board and then it takes you to a page, no entry?? Same yesterday too!

  • Pgahn

    Went back and tried again. Got it this time! Thanks for the info.

  • Shashiann

    I have had trouble all week getting this one, but it works today!

  • Scmaly

    It work just fine 4 me

  • ty scored one

  • sweet and sour

    i tried this yesterday with internet explorer, it didnt work….but today i tried using goggle chrome and it seems like it went through…but how do i know that im really going to get the clutch?!!

  • Karen Tigue

    Karen Tigue I love to get Walmart samples, but this one is rediculous I Have been trying for 4 days now and I still can’t get it. I would really like one but I am giving up on trying.They should just do it likethey do the other thngs that ar easy. I love your site You have alot of great things here. Karen.

  • Divagirl2963

    got my free sample

  • Amyfennell90

    I was able to get it but I had to click get sample twice, the first time it sent me to Walmarts home page but the second time it worked! 🙂

  • Sherry_chisholm

    I have tried this numerous times, I make my board then nothing! This is the only product I use and I would appreciate the sample and free clutch bag, maybe something is wrong with walmarts page? My address 539 North Gate Road Hattiesburg, MS 39401

  • Rengos0304

    i just pinned it and it sent me to another page and i had was able to get it. Said i should have mine sample within 4 weeks

  • Ellyj0654

    got all the way thru filling out for the free sample and it says it can’t send to children.. I am by no means a child..

  • Dunie

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  • Mrsmacd1980

    I just did the board and was able to request a sample, maybe it was not working earlier??

  • cheryl

    The same thing happened to me.

  • Lauren

    How do we know if we actually get the clutch or not? It says while supplies last.

  • just did it had no problem, made the board, sent me to get sample, asked a few ???, then click submit for free sample, told me it will take 4 weeks to receive. Continue trying until u get the page with ?? and submit button.

  • Guest

    Once I used Google Chrome I had no trouble

  • Katie_Mae22

    I have tried to get this the last 4 days and it is not showing anyting on the Walmart site

  • trish

    worked for me! you have to make a board & pin it, then enter in your info. afterwards, it will tell you 4-6weeks.

  • Got Mine!!

  • Vicky Hopper

    submitted pin board then tales you to walmart page…no freebies

  • Newbegin7


  • DebnOhio

    Not working. 🙁

  • Passionateheartcry


  • Myssi129

    I don’t think this is free, It takes you to main page of Wal-mart where you can buy them, not sample them.

  • Lindseynicole71605

    just made my board, pinned it and then requested my sample!! yay!! should be here in 4 weeks!!

  • Guest

    I did it, no problems..

  • gotit,,thank you

  • Detroitmama69

    Requested mine!

  • Lillianknight

    I just did mine and it works guys,,, so try today !!!!!!

  • After I created the Board, I clicked the “get sample” and completed the information on the Walmart website. When I hit submit, I got this message “We’re glad you want to register! Since we are committed to online security and privacy, particularly with regard to children, we cannot accept your registration. Thank you.” So, I gave up!

  • Mwesley4

    I got mine today..yay!

  • free item is gone…

  • Tracyduvallowings

    I put in for this, and I wasn’t asked for my mailing address, so e-mail me at to get it.

  • Janedoe321

    Just received the sample today but no clutch!? I’m kind of disappointed. Can’t complain to much, it was free after all.