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at 1:09 pm
by Jason
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UPDATE: This giveaway has ended! Nescafe is offering up an awesome new instant win game! Now through 12/31, they are giving away 150 FREE Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines ($100 value) everyday! That equals out to 3,000 winners! You can enter this giveaway daily. I sure do hope that many of you end up winning one! (Thank You, Ally!) ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • erma Hurtt

    I’d love to have this.

  • I didn’t win today maybe tomorrow

  • Killdare59

    Perfect for someone works grave yard one

  • Megera512

    I got one!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

    • Anonymous

      Congrats!! Wow!! :o)

  • Loise

    Not a winner.

  • Vee

    Clicked on the Get Amore button and then nothing. The page does not do anything.

  • I sure hope I end up as one of the 3,000…Would be great!!!

  • I liked Freebie Shark too!!!

  • Anonymous

    Went to play today and it said could only play once a day. This was my first attempt today! Whats up?

    • Anonymous

      They are working on fixing that error! ๐Ÿ™‚ Check back in a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I Liked Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines on fb

  • Like FreebieShark on fb.

  • Would love to win this give away>

  • Stacy

    I can’t believe it.. I just WON!!!! OMG.. thank you so much Jason (& FreebieShark)!!!!!!!!

    • CorvetteMom

      Congrats, Stacy! How did you get the priviledge to enter, to come up? where do you find it?

  • Kim

    I just won mine!!! So excited!

  • Belljdl

    did’nt win this time ill get it tomorrow

  • Loise

    love to win

  • Jennifer

    Well, it’s my third day trying. No win yet, but I’ll keep trying. What a nice prize.

    • same w/ me =( this would be a PERFECT christmas present to my mother too lol

  • Llg1348

    I won this was the number 1 thing on my Christmas list too!!! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Hope I win!!!

  • Congrats to those who have won…

  • Bigdzfam2

    Don’t know how to get the instant game to come up?

  • Jms18222

    With the kind of week I have had I really could use one of those machines. This decaff from MickeyD’s isn’t cutting it today.

  • joyce e taylor

    i hope i can win this i have never won any thing in my life, i am 72 yrs, old maybe my luck will change;;;

  • Phyllis Katherina

    Jay…how do we get the entry page or whatever to load? Under the Get Amore tab, all that pops up is a photo of the coffeemaker attached to a gift tag…

  • Phyllis Katherina

    Jay…nothing is popping up to fill out under the Get Amore tab…only a photo of the machine…

  • Msakosky

    wow would’nt that be nice for Christmas

  • Michelle

    I just won one! Thanks Jason!!!

  • Delrigby

    how do you win? i click on it and don’t know what else to do does it say instant winner or somethin

  • Delrigby

    it won’t let me play thumbs down

  • peter osgood

    I would love to win this Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine,I have been a Nescafe drinker from way back, just love it.

  • erma Hurtt

    I’d love to have this

  • Crissys2Angels

    No winner ๐Ÿ™ Thanks ?I will try again tomorrow

  • MaryJane

    Liked Freebie Shark

  • MaryJane

    Liked Freebie Shark

  • MaryJane

    Congratulations Stacy.. Sure hope to win one also.

  • MaryJane

    Congratulations Stacy.. Sure hope to win one also.

  • won’t let ya get to instant game

  • Peg

    I’ll keep trying
    but I very seldom/never win anything

  • Peg

    I’ll keep trying
    but I very seldom/never win anything

  • Kay

    OOOOOH with all the SNOW would love one of these so I can snuggle down with a good cup…..

  • Kay

    OOOOOH with all the SNOW would love one of these so I can snuggle down with a good cup…..

  • Murielh2006

    I would love one of those… that would make my Christmas!

  • Susan

    I keep trying…but no luck


    How do I subcribe to win ?? Please help

  • Mediaworm96

    I have tried to enter several times but can’t because it ask for some code at the bottom and there is nothing there to type in so I can’t register

  • Kjrsc

    I’ve tried ever since this thing started & haven’t got 1, I think it’s fixed & they don’t have the coffee makers.

  • Stephanie fugate

    omg!!! i just won one thanks to you for reminding me to try again today or i would have totally forgotten about it! i have never used one but i cant wait to try it! thank you so much for all you do! i have so much free stuff ( 4 large boxes full to the brim!) over the last 5-6 months that i made up large goodie baskets for my doctors office my adult kids and some friends filled with all kinds of free stuff for xmas! they don’t have to know i got it all free or nearly free! and i still have one large box left for me to use!

    thanks again! merry Christmas!

  • B_sport_mom

    How do u register from mobile?

  • Mary

    So excited!! I won 1 today!! ; )

  • erma Hurtt

    I’d really love to have this!

  • erma Hurtt

    I’d really love to have this!

  • erma Hurtt

    I’d really love to have this!

  • erma Hurtt

    I’d really love to have this!

  • Anaymorell

    I won one today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cartersummer12

    How do you find out if you won or not?

  • Tldeprez

    How do I even enter to win I have tried everything my mom needs a new coffee pot cause hers caught fire. Please let me know message me how to enter. Please

  • Mugziemarie

    I WON!!!!!!

  • Mugziemarie

    Oh and TY Freebie shark!!!! The best site ever!!!!

  • Tasha

    Just won, best Christmas ever!

  • RuthEllen

    2nd try with no luck—-again-:(

  • Suzy B.

    Thank you so much for the reminder! I just won!

  • Vickey Burton

    Would love to win this!

  • Vkl

    I have played this since the beginning and have not won…wonder if I will ever
    win one…it would be nice…but thanks anyway Jason for sharing these deals
    with us…Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Rachel

    I havent won yet either. ๐Ÿ™ I hope I do! Thanks for telling us about it, and congrats to all that have won!

  • Lananc1

    all I ever get is a picture of a machine, I cant click on anything, let alone win anything..whats the trick

  • Uneekmema

    TWO chances to win …..SLIM and NONE

  • ty!! I WON!!! on Christmas eve!

  • Rdrusso

    Did not win but will keep trying. Thank you

  • Meemee201165

    How do you find out if you win? What do I di to enter?

  • Ashley

    Thank you freebie shark! I just won one!!! =) So excited

  • bee

    How do you win????

  • Stephanie fugate

    congrats!! i won one too but good luck with being emailed about it. lots of us have won and never got our confirmation emails. they told me they would send an email within 48 hours but it never came. it did not come for ALOT of people if you look at their wall you will see the frustration. i won mine last wednesday but did no think to get a screenshot of it. but when i tried to win again it said “winning once is awesome but winning twice is impossible” so i screenshotted that. don’t know if that proves i won or not but these people are in no hurry to verify if you have won or not. i finally got an email late friday saying they have a manual list that they will compare my email to. well, it’s a whole week later – even with the holiday you would think they would make some effort to make is all feel a bit better that we actually won the thing. i was so excited when i won and now i just feel let down like i am not getting it afterall. maybe with you being who you are and the influence you have you could reach out on behalf of all your fans that have won and see just who won and did they ever get their confirmation email or not and if they did not contact nescafe for us cause they are not listening to us that’s for sure!

  • Dasullivan46

    I just won wow great anniversary present!

  • Garcialvssd

    i still can’t win this one. it’s definitely eluding me! i hope i get it before it’s over….

  • Jamie_jude

    Ive tried for so many days now , maybe its a scam ๐Ÿ™

    • Anonymous

      Not a scam.. Over 170 FreebieShark readers have won.

      • Atmorris

        How do u enter?! I keep asking, but u never respond!

        • Anonymous

          Hi Atmorris,

          I never seen your question? You simply “Like” their Facebook page, then click the “Enter” button to enter! You must be on a computer, it won’t work on mobile devices. Hope this helps!

  • susan

    I would LOVE to win this Nescafe offering!! thanks

  • AML

    I just can’t seem to win. Anybody have any clues, hints, suggestions? I’ve been trying nearly everyday to no avail. I’m running out of time. ๐Ÿ™

  • kclm

    Still trying.

  • Pugmama31

    I sure would like one of these!!

  • Danyette

    I just won!!! How do I screen print my window! YAY! I’m excited

    • Anonymous


  • Jenllovestoshop

    What box did you winners pick??