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at 9:06 am
by Jason
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Head on over here to request a FREE Sample of Purina Muse Cat Food! Simply log into your Skosay account and click the “I’m Interested” button to request your sample. Skosay has offered us Pop-Tarts, Nautica, CLIF, and Rimmel samples in the past.  Expect this to arrive within 4 to 6 weeks! (Thanks, Amber!)

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  • Courtney Jones

    It’s been so long since they’ve had a promo. Thanks!

  • peg4x4

    My old landline will not receive nor send texts,therefore I can not register!

  • Rebekah Palmer

    Yay thanks for this 😀 I lost my cat almost a year ago 🙁 but I’ve recently got two cute little strays hanging around lol I’ll get this for them

    • dizzylady1012

      Sweet….good luck with your furbabies!

    • littlebabyangel

      So sorry to hear that, losing a fur baby is devastating 🙁 ♡

  • dizzylady1012

    Thank you!

  • Mary Wilson

    YUP! Landline w/no texting – I don’t understand why companies insist on texting – when there are still those of use whom prefer not to OR don’t want to spend the extra money – that we DON’T have to spare. I don’t know how people pay for all of it unless they are in extreme debt 🙁