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Kellogg'sIf you’re a Kellogg’s Family Rewards member, right now you can enter codes AUTUMNTRADITIONS and HARVESTFEAST4ALL to score 50 FREE Points! Expiration date is unknown. If you are not a member, go here to join. (Thanks, Diane!)

Not sure what Kellogg’s Family Rewards is? It’s a new program from Kellogg’s that allows you to redeem points in for high value coupons, free products, toys, magazine subscriptions and more. 

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  • Lou Jenkins

    Thank you! I’ve been saving up these Kellogg’s points since the program first began. I finally started redeeming them for Starbucks gift cards and loading the Starbucks app with them (that I share wirh my son at university). It’s a way that I can treat him to some coffee for comfort and motivation. As a mom, I appreciate this way of sending a hug his way during the semester. I also have used Shopkicks app & the Pampers Rewards program for this purpose. Starbucks is kind of a luxury that he wouldn’t otherwise spend his money on, so this certainly helps.

    • FreebieShark

      Good thinking! Every code definitely adds up 🙂

  • Kelly Harris

    When I go to try and enter the text code, it’s only allowing for a digital code. Can someone please help?

  • Rita

    They both worked for me – it did say it may take longer for bonus points to be seen.

    • FreebieShark

      Glad you entered them!

  • ElisaDay

    Thank you!