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by Jason
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PizzaThe MLB and Domino’s have once again teamed up to possibly give away FREE Medium Pan Pizzas! When a pitcher has a no-hitter game, the first 20,000 will get a code valid for a FREE 2-Topping Medium Pan Pizza at Domino’s! This will take place after each of the first two no-hitters of the season. Make sure to register for an account now so when it goes live you are able to to get the code! You must have an account to get this when it goes live. (Thanks, Nicole & Annie!)

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  • Harms

    Hope they fix it so that its one code per IP address and not accounts.

  • Mary

    Ok, baseball dummy here. What is a no-hitter actually? Thanks!

    • FreebieShark

      Hi Mary! A no-hitter is when a pitcher pitches the ENTIRE game without allowing any batter hit the ball with the bat!

      • stan the Man

        the ball can still be hit and a no-hitter is pitched (i.e. ground out or fly out) The key to a no hitter is that the batter does not reach first base

        • Mary

          Ok, thanks Stan the Man! Guess I’ll be watching some baseball this year! =)

        • FreebieShark

          Oopps I left out that crucial detail, yup, thanks Stan. I appreciate it!

      • Mary

        Ok thanks! And those really happen? LOL Guess they do. =)

  • maria

    i won one of these last year thanks to you & your text, Jason, & it was awesome pizza!
    hope to win again!! 🙂

    • FreebieShark

      Yay! I hope you get one again this year too 🙂

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  • AngryGirl

    Every time this goes live, I can’t log into my account. Never was able to snag one last years. Always get error messages that I don’t have an account or that my password is incorrect. I can even be logged in and still get errors when I click the free pizza link. Odd that after all the free pizzas are claimed my account actually exists and my password works.