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at 8:06 am
by Jason
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Valentine's Day CardValid for a limited time only, you can score a FREE Personalized Valentine’s Day Card, courtesy of! Just select the card you like, personalize it, and enter code 28FAC at checkout to get it FREE + FREE shipping. Nice freebie! :D (Thanks, Vickie!)

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  • CrystaLeupold


  • Sym

    I love this freebie, but there is something wrong with the website…I’m not blaming you at all, Jason. The website takes forever to load and I’m using firefox…It keeps telling me that there is something wrong with processing my card when I put photos on the card.

    • Victoria

      I used it last night with Safari and had no issues! Try that if you have access to the program.

  • Jane

    There is definitely something wrong with the site……the page won’t load at all for me :(

  • Kyla

    I’m wondering if it can’t handle the amount of people trying to use it? It’s giving me problems too…

  • Victoria

    Ordered a card last night and am so excited! Did not have to put in any credit card info just fyi for anyone wondering! Thanks a bunch :)

  • klsmith

    Wont let me get the card for free :( only free shipping??

    • Nicole Still

      Finally got it to work. Promo code was applied in the very last step and worked fine! :)

  • bxsailor

    Thanks Jason, Got one. It took a few tries but it went thru. I used firefox because google chrome kept getting locked up.

  • Nicole Still

    Couldn’t get it to work on Chrome. Switched over to FF and have been trying to get it to work for 30 mins. It’s frustrating, but I love free photo cards. So I will keep trying!

  • Samantha Lynne Noblit

    Not working…very irritated!!!

  • Piedad21

    This freebie is wonderful. Im trying to upload my picture for the card, but it stays at 1%. very frustrating but I will keep trying. Thank you!

  • Coupons ForSass

    Got one using FF. Took a minute (or 20), but it processed. Thanks Jason and Vickie!!

  • zjere

    i’ve had a couple sent but the websites having some trouble,try,switching browsers.It should work for around 10 minutes MAKE THEM COUNT

  • camarojen

    The code said it was applied but still charged me for it. Oh well. It will make a cute card.