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at 10:38 am
by Jason
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Snag a FREE Sample of Lean1 Performance Shake Mix! Just head on over to the link and complete the easy survey. Afterwards, add the item to your cart and checkout to score your FREE sample! You can even choose between 7 different flavors!

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  • Terri

    It was charging me $1.50 for shipping. 🙁

  • Memanders03

    You have to pay $1.50 for shipping.

  • Jenn

    I’m not paying $1.50 for shipping.

  • BeccaC

    Yeah, it says it has free shipping, but when you click to enter your shipping information it’s charging $1.50 for shipping.

  • Jazzy

    I scored 2 and it didnt charge me anything.

    • Cletus

      Whats your zipcode Jazzy?

      • Jazzy


  • Cletus

    Lean1 Sample
    Item ID: L00310

    Your Price: FREE (+S&H)

    It doesn’t really say shipping and handling is free. They say the product itself is free, but we have to pay shipping and handling. In my opinion if I have to pay anything(shipping) to obtain a product, then it isn’t 100% free. I pass on this one.

    • BeccaC

      When I view the product it said free shipping, and then I clicked to the next page so I could enter shipping info, and the page crashed, so I reloaded and then it wasn’t free shipping anymore. I think they changed it. But yeah, I’m not going to pay $1.50 for a sample of anything.