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at 8:58 pm
by Jason
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HOT freebie alert! Snag a FREE Sample of Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss – a $14 value! Simply fill out the short for to submit your request. This is only available to the first 5,000! Allow 6 to 8 weeks after the giveaway ends for delivery! Let us know if you score one!

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  • Julie C.

    Whoo Hoo! I got mine

  • JJ2013

    Cool! Got one! Thanks, Jason!

  • marie

    Got one! Yes!! Thank you 🙂

  • Hobecks93


  • Patti

    Thanks I got one

  • Got one!

  • Ronda Wolter

    Thanks! I can’t wait!

  • Lyne

    Got one! Thank you for posting!!!

  • Got it….. 🙂

  • BeccaC

    Yay I got one! Thanks!

  • Pettiemse

    i would love to have one

  • Jcassebaum

    why no response for this

  • Stupid thing said I already requested a sample and I haven’t :_

    • Ashfire100

      i got that too!!!

  • tammy smith

    said i already requested and never have

  • Nothanks

    got it

  • Ace13126

    i filled out app and it keeps saying server to busy. does that mean i got one or no?

    • Ashfire100

      thats what Im wondering too!!!!

  • Datbytch2010

    Server too busy

  • Got one!!! :))))))

  • Kathy

    Would love to give it a try.



  • Rbmgac

    I submitted all my info just to be told the server was too busy and then I couldn’t go back into the site because I’d already been into it once. 🙁

    • Guest

      Same and now I got a message that they are already sold out of all samples. :sigh:

  • Cindy Lusk

    I got one!!! yeah!!!!

    • Ashfire100

      how do you know- did it say “successful”? was there a conformation email???

  • Ashfire100

    to those who got one- did they send you a conformation email? or what did the page sy after you hit sumit?

    • BeccaC

      No email, it just said that my sample would arrive in 8-10 weeks, or something of that sort 🙂

  • Shantiquaallen

    Cant even go on the site scam

  • Jennifer

    Thanks, got one!!

  • Rhofman1

    surver is busy

  • Betsy_durand

    Just rec’d message saying that all freebies are gone.

  • Angel


  • Tee_racy

    They have reached the max # being distributed

  • Tigergirl2346

    submitted, but said server is too busy. Don’t know if it went through or not.

  • Grfew

    Submitted info- never got confirmation. Then got note saying I had already submitted info. We will see what happens.

  • Morgan

    By the time I finally got thru and entered in my info..they were all gone.

  • expired 🙁

  • Ameliak04

    I filled out the form and clicked submit then it said server too busy. When I went back to try again it said it has handed out all the samples they had so no clue….

  • Lovekern

    All the samples are goneeeee!

  • Stacy

    I got to the sign up page, and submitted, but got taken to a “server too busy” page and then it said I already submitted, so is that good or bad? Any email confirmations?

  • concerned

    This is not sponsored by Mary Kay so beware….also it says it is a sample…but it’s a $14 value….so if you receive anything other than a full size lip gloss you’ve been misled…the picture also shows that these are the old lip gloss formula and not the new Nourishine formula.

    For a real consultant in your area….please go to and type in your zip code in the consultant locator area. The consultant will then schedule a time to meet and will more than likely offer you a full size lip gloss. I always offer that at my appointments, but I can’t speak for others.

    If this is sponsored by a real consultant please note that the company can terminate this consultant’s agreement.

    I am a concerned seasoned consultant with 19 years of experience with Mary Kay and I am looking out for the image of this company. Please make sure you are accurately representing this wonderful company.

  • Got one! WOOHOO!!!

  • Sheantefautua

    darn it, I keep missing this one.

  • Popeyegranny