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at 2:40 pm
by Jason
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Still available! Send your friends a a FREE Yogi Tea Sample Pack! Just click on the “Send a Well-Wish to a Friend” button and fill out the form. Your friend will then get an e-mail, which should contain the link to the request form! Tell your friends or a family member to send you one back! Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery!

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    It’s over now 🙁 “We’re sorry! Due to high demand, the Well-Wishes sampling program is
    temporarily unavailable. We are currently working to create new and
    delicious pairings of samples for your enjoyment. Be sure to visit again
    soon as we’ll be up and running again as soon as possible. Thank you & Be Well!”

  • mira

    Awesome!! Great tea flavour choices. Thanks!

  • FreebieFalling

    Yogi never even sent the samples out when they WERE supposedly in stock!! Everyone I know signed up for this freebie way back before it was “over due to high demand,” and NONE OF US got anything, EVER. Stay away from Yogi. They have apparently harvested all the email addresses of your friends and yourself as it gets sent back, and they found a cheap way to get everyone to email their friends socially about Yogi Teas: Promise a free product and then don’t send it. Companies who do that without EVEN A COURTESY APOLOGY EMAIL (which they HAVE!!!) to the people who sent emails to friends! The reason they did this probably is that most of the freebie community people would maybe sign up without “spreading the word” just to get the freebie, but they FORCED you to send the freebie likely to a NON-FREEBIE person, someone who isn’t signing up just because of the deals. VERY CLEVER that ad exec was! The biggest mistake, though, was then saying “we got everyone to talk about our product socially and send emails to each other, why bother sending out the products we promised?? They probably just went on to the NEXT freebie. THOSE KINDS OF COMPANIES GO STRAIGHT TO MY “BANNED FOR LIFE” LIST, AND ARE COMPLETELY BOYCOTTED. Your mileage may vary.