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at 10:37 am
by Jason
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Hurry on over to request FREE Sample of Nectresse Sweetener, which is produced by the same makers of Splenda! Simply fill out the short form to snag your sample.

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  • I WOULD like a free sample of Nectresse Sweetener and thank you for sharing with me and my friends on fb .today is 7-11-12

  • i like checking out the freebies and the samples you have to offer on the freebiesharps and i do share it with my friends on fb also .

  • Zyeee

    I’ve been seeking freebies for over a year and just when I thought I’d found all the great freebie sites out there, yours popped up. Glad to be here, your’ve got a good selection of samples and you offer something I’ve not found at other sites,,surveys, trivia,and an opportunity for your members to post samples they’ve found. Very cool, alot to offer, THANKS!

  • Michael F

    Where is my free sample for Nectresse Sweetener? I never got it just filled out in form.

  • Linda

    It did say snail mail ,so I think that will take a while !!! Thank You Freebie