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at 2:45 pm
by Jason
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Request a FREE Brew Over Ice Reusable Tumbler! Hurry, this won’t last long! Let us know if you scored one! Please note, they are getting slammed right now and their page is loading very slowly.

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  • roxydon

    not sure but they took my mailing address so maybe

    • Patriciaajanthor

      HAHA me too!! We’ll hope for the best 🙂

  • Lizz E.

    It just gives me an error 🙁

  • G8rgirl374

    Error message: Non-existent class: Form_validation

  • Frazzledmomsaves

    I think I got one. Had to tell it that I do own a brewer and I do not have a cup already.

  • tjm

    keeps freezing my computer

  • Patriciaajanthor

    OHhh my lord – what an unorgazined cluster of a FB page that is!! It just redirects you and wants you to sign up for things and share it.I did everything and I don’t even think it signed me up for the free tubmler

    • Agree and after lots of tries it will end up showing me “A Database Error Occurred. Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

  • Dnnmailman305

    Don’t think I won. Ended up signing up for some Tumbler Nation thing. Oh well.

  • Nish

    They took my mailing address but didn’t tell me if I won or not.

  • Jennifer R.

    I was so close! And then I got an error message when I tried to confirm my info. UGH!

    • alliednut

      same here

  • Theresa Scott

    How do you know if you got one or not?

  • Angeshay

    Entered my mailing address – so maybe I got one – ??

  • Conz315

    got one! That is…I hope it is not a fluke!

  • spiffy

    I got one last go around and NEVER received it!!

    • brittster

      SAME HERE!!!!


    had to sign up for a tumbler nation thing. didn’t say anything about getting a free tumbler…

  • Jennifer R.

    Did I just seriously waste an hour on repeated error messages? UGH!

  • flowerprincess

    Keep getting errors, tired of trying. Tried for over 20 minutes, will wait to see it they have another giveaway. Good Luck to everyone else.

  • I did get one!

  • Marsha

    My daughter and I still havnt gotten the ones we won last time they had a promotiom bummer would of liked to have a couple of these.

  • Amber

    Mine came today! Woohoo!

  • Cholsing3

    I have tried for two hours and then it expired. So bummed!!!!

  • Jod5002

    Well I tried to get it 7/7/2012 and it said it was expired. Hmmm How can this be?