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at 10:21 am
by Jason
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Swagbucks is having a Swagcode Extravaganza today, which means that we will be seeing lots of Swagcodes today (5/21)! I’ll be updating this post with any new codes that I spot.

UPDATE: All codes have expired.

Don’t know what SwagBucks is? Click here to learn more about Swagbucks!

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  • Kim


    • Anonymous

      You are very welcome!

  • i cant get code to work :

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you don’t include any spaces!

  • didnt work for me either

  • Baz

    hey does anyone remember the first 2 codes? you need them to get the final big one!

  • Guest

    what r the codes

  • Thank you for this page. It has really helped!

  • Alecia

    It says expired for me

  • Tbgreen98

    it says expired on the tv toolbar

  • Mia_a_c

    Next one is on the coupons page

  • Shanee

    The first two codes were: 1 StepRightUp and 2 Cotton Candy I didn’t get the third!

  • Shanee

    The fourth is on the coupons page!

  • Mia_a_c

    #5 is on t blog

  • Kelly

    did anyone get #4

    • Shanee

      #4 was BigSlide. The 5th is in the blog!

      • Tracy

        Did you get three and five??? I got the others but not those!!

        • Tracy

          nvr mind I got them!

  • Shanee

    Did anyone get the third code?

  • Tracy

    What was number 3?

  • Michellch1

    7 is out and is on their FB status 😉

  • Tracy

    Got seven!

  • After getting them…now what?

  • Kelly

    this is crazy mine are all out of order:( does anyone have 6

    • The code is a type of ride that you spin and in real life would drink out of

  • Purp88

    what is the code for 20 points?

  • Lallalalalalalalalfffyyy

    Swag code has expired ;/ when are some new ones coming out? I really want a ultimate game card, or amazon, or simply 5 dollah pay pal

  • Deanna Koback

    There is a swag bucks code and its counting down. How do I get this code to work? I never done this before. How do you activate it? HHHHHHeeeeeelllllllllllp.