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at 7:58 am
by Jason
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If you are a current Papa John’s Rewards member, you might want to check your account! These 15 FREE Points expire on April 17th. Just a heads up that it only takes 25 points to snag a FREE Pizza! So if you had 10 or more points prior to this 15 point bonus, be sure to order a free pizza before your 15 points expire! 🙂 (Thanks, Robert!)

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  • Casie02

    how do u get ur 15 points?

  • Katie

    What free points? how do you get them?

    • Bxsailor

      You have to join papa johns and subscribe to them. I do not know if they will give you 15 points just for joining but you can try. You have to have 25 points to get a free pizza however.

  • Bxsailor

    WOHOO.. Got 15 additional points…enough for a free pizza… I checked my account and there it was!

  • Niiki

    sweet!! have 32 pts now so i can get a free pizza!! thanks!

  • kelly

    Got my free pizza! 🙂

  • Jane

    I’m already a member but how do you get the 15 points? I see no link on the page or any info on 15 points????

  • Jane

    Ok, now I see at the bottom of the Papa’s Reward’s page that I’ve been given 15 points but they aren’t showing up in my account. I’ve tried refreshing the page and that doesn’t work 🙁

  • Brianna

    I’m already a member and was skeptical but I simply logged into my account from the link above and it gave me my free points.

    • Brianna

      It says at the bottom that you HAVE to use the free points by April 17th, it’s a promo their doing for Tax Day.

  • Jlsmom06

    there is a code on to get the free pizza for 20 points instead of 25. it has a good succes rate so try it out i only have 15! :o(

    • Amanda G

      That’s for only a 1 topping though instead of 3, but hey if you only want 1 topping that’s a good deal!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks got a free pizza!

  • Ah, I didn’t get it. 🙁 Congrats to those who did!

  • Excellent! Free pizza! Thanks!

  • Kleec2002

    I got mine, thanks for the tip!

  • DebnOhio

    Enjoyed our free pizza tonight! Thanks for the free tip! This is the best place to get good tips for free samples and coupons! I am unemployed and love getting all these great deals! Thanks!

  • Amanda G

    awesome – I got mine – now I have enough for a freebie!

  • Amanda G

    Just ordered my Large 3 topping pizza plus cheesesticks for $4.27!!!