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by Jason
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FreebieShark reader, Meggie, just sent in the following e-mail asking for my opinion. We’d love to know what you think! Leave a comment with your ideas! 😀

“Dear Jason,
Well since I’ve been following your blog the last couple of months, and getting many more samples then I normally would (such as packages etc). I was wondering – what do you give your postal worker for Christmas? I have a very lovely female postal worker who delivers to our house and would like to get her something nice without spending a bunch of money. I know she must hate our house as we usually get a package of freebies, its very rare that she has to not come to our house! There is always something to be delivered.
I’m going shopping later, any ideas?”

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  • Katiewilkerson

    Maybe a nice pair of gloves to keep her hands warm

  • Stephani King

    Meggie – I recommend always being kind enough to clear the walkway to and around your box. Lay a little extra salt. A kind gesture is always very appreciated this time of year. As for a gift, I’m guessing that if you’re into freebies, you’re into great deals also. Why not hit up Target for one of the MM deals on the Glade or something of the sort? Then use the $5 gift card you get back, and put it inside a cute card, thanking them for delivering your mail? It’s not much, but it will make them smile to know they’re thought of:-) And everyone loves gift cards:-)

  • Beth

    I give our postal carrier a gift card to Wendy’s also I watch for her and let her pick something out the box of free stuff I get. It takes a few minutes and she is happy with she gets.

  • Jackie

    I always give a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

  • stepshep

    I believe there’s a $20 cap (or it’s something close to that) because they’re a federal employee. I usually go with candies, cookies, or restaurant gift cards and a card with a little note inside. Just something to say: “Thanks for walking through the snow to drop a packet of shampoo in the box in front of my house.”

  • Scoobyandtheresa

    I give our sweet mailman cookies and a nice Christmas card, Happy Hoildays!

  • Helopoh

    We always left a cash tip for the post person and paper person. A few years back I left my post lady cookies as well. It just depends on how you feel about it. One of those hot chocolate gift sets from somewhere may be a great small token.

  • Ampenix

    My mail carrier is also a lady, and I have asked her if it is a burden to deliver all the freebies I get….she laughed and said she LOVES that I can get so many things for free! I usually put a card and a small bottle of hand lotion or something yummy in the box, with her name on it for Christmas. But gift cards are a good idea, too!

  • Emchrisg

    My father is a mailman and he loves just getting a Christmas card with a nice note! Gift cards or Christmas treats are nice as well.

  • Csericati

    I give our mail carrier stuff all year long…on hot days most of the time i have sweet iced tea or lemonade or at the very least a half frozen bottle of water…they love it..when i do my making for friends and family i always set aside some for them…and i have been know to buy a pedicure or to for them as well…also I ALWAYS make sure there is no snow, ice and a clear path to and from my house. My mail carriers love me…your my goodies not sure sometimes….lol…

    • Pam

      When it is extremely hot I give the mail delivery person a cold water. Today (Temp is 93F plus humidity) I offered her one but she declined as she already had one. So I invited her in– and she happily came in and sat down and enjoyed the air conditioning. Then I encouraged her to wash up and use the bathroom which she did with gratitude. She was already on the job for nine hours at this point and her route was not completed. POSTAL WORKERS NEED TO BE PROTECTED AND THE BEST WAY IS THROUGH A UNION.

  • Csericati

    opps Baking not making…lol

  • robin

    If your somewhere cold maybe give her some of those disposable hand warms she can put in her coat pocket and stick her hands in to warm them up when its super cold..

  • John

    As an ex-postal worker I will have to say the most meaningful gift was always any baked food because of the effort that was put into it. But after getting 40 or so different items it made me happy to just get a gift card. Some of the best gifts were just cards from the kids that lived there with no money or gift cards. Its nice to just be thought of.

  • Sharon

    Postal workers are not allowed to accept money, and i believe gifts to them should be under $20. What about a gift card to Bath and Body?

  • Bxsailor


    I have a postal lady who delivers to me also. I made a basket full of stuff I had picked up at the drug store..(big bottle of body lotion, some fragrance soap, some fragrance candle and some body soap.) I picked up a nice basket at the goodwill for .50 cents and just put tissue paper and gave it to her. She loved it.

  • Anjeliqu

    We always leave fresh baked cookies and goodies 🙂

  • Chris97269

    Having retired from the post office, please don’t hand them or leave them a sealed card in an envelope. I can’t tell you how many cards to letter carriers end up at the dead letter office as carriers don’t read what is on the envelope that they pick up. I have seen so many addressed just to ” Letter Carrier” If you do use an envelope please put on it In BIG LETTERS “To Our Letter Carrier That Delivers To and then just put your address very small with zip code so it goes to that carrier who does your route. I Physically hand them a $20.00 gift card to the Outback Restaurant so they can have a nice meal on me. Happy Holidays.

  • Nyflgrl2005

    I think a gift card is a great idea!

  • Nyflgrl2005

    I think a gift card is a great idea!

  • tonynzacksmom

    As a carrier it warms my heart to hear such nice gestures from all of you. We really just appreciate that you appreciate us. Anything is a great gesture and makes us happy. 🙂

  • PostaL1

    I am a postal worker and I always liked getting homemade cookies. Any gift or card is truly appreciated, although, if my carrier ALWAYS had to come to my house with packages, I may consider a gift card or just $5. Merry Xmas to all!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys! Thanks for submitting all of those great suggestions! Meggie just e-mailed me back with an update! This is what she came up with:

    “-1 packages of peeps
    -1 Tim Hortons Giftcard ducktaped to the back of the peeps!
    -a couple curls of ribbon
    -1 hand written note of thanks

    From what I understand your not supposted to leave anything in your mailbox, but techincally since its not IN the mailbox, only slightly hanging out, and spreading holiday cheer this shouldn’t be illegal!”

    Here’s the picture:

  • Sandman6472

    As an ex-carrier, a gift card is always very nice but I do know what most folk give…and I have no problem with that either. The point is to just not forget your mail person!

  • Jorjagirl

    I have a great idea for your letter carrier. I am a retired carrier and know what it is like to do that job. What I always loved was getting a gift card to a resturant. It always brightened up my holiday season to know my customers thought of me.

  • Paul

    The postal workers are going through a hard time with all the cut backs etc. They do enjoy the treats left for them. God Bless all of them

  • Brenda

    Both my parents were rural mail carriers. They got a lot of nice gifts at Christmas time. A can of mixed nuts or home made cookies or fudge is always welcome since they don’t have a lot of time to make things themselves when they are hard a work! A nice loaf of banana or date-nut bread is always nice, too!

  • Wantchevy1961

    I posted on your fb post that I bake fudge and cookies for my mail lady. She loves it! I don’t think she gets many thanks, or gifts for all she does! I know she’s tired of all the freebies, and samples I get, so I like to tell her Thank You! Merry Christmas!!!

  • Charmaine

    A nice bottle of wine

  • Belfry

    It’s nice that everyone wants to give a gift to the postal carrier. But what about the clerk at Walgreens that has to take all of your register rewards, or the cashier at the grocery store that has to verify all the coupons that you’ve clipped and printed, or the trash man that has to take all the trash from your freebies, or the person in the drive through at McDonalds that gives you your free Coca Cola glass when you buy a Value Meal – these people are all also simply doing their jobs (and getting paid for them just like the mail carrier) but most people do not recognize them or give them a gift for Christmas.

    Why is it that the postal carrier (who generally gets a better pay rate and benefits package) is always thought of but rarely are these other service employees?

    I know that I have worked in retail and restaurants and on rare occasion have received a small gift. Just like the postal carriers, I like to receive these tokens of appreciation.

    I like to buy a bag of nice candy (individually wrapped turtles or something like that) and give a little to everyone – it’s not much but at least then people know that you are thinking of them and appreciate them. I give some to the tellers at the bank, clerks at stores and other places that I frequent.

    You could also buy some of those coupon books from McDonalds or another fast food place that has the $1 certificates in them and pass those around.