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at 12:30 pm
by Jason
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UPDATE: No longer available. Head on over here to request a FREE Sample of Taylor Swift’s “Wonderstruck” Fragrance! Just “Like” her Facebook page, then click the ‘Wonderstruck’ tab to request your sample! Allow 4-6 days for delivery!

Pssstt.. don’t forget to “Like” FreebieShark too!

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  • Feisty_1_772000

    Its not working…

  • Abcmom2009

    Can’t get it either. Maybe too many ppl…

  • Feliciawhitney2002

    It’s not working.

  • shelly

    The response was so amazing that the Wonderstruck sample page went down from all the traffic … we are working to get it back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! We will keep you updated…

  • Feliciawhitney2002

    according to freebie’s shark’s facebook page it says it’s being slammed with too many people and to keep trying.

  • Frani Belcher

    Busy, I guess!

  • Brightskittles

    i gave up…i’ll just go buy it..=)

  • Preciouspocketpups

    it did not work, tried for 20 minutes…

  • Angiec3511

    I got mine finally thanks so much!

  • Lesjulparker

    sorry, cant get it..something wrong with the website.

  • Lesjulparker

    I’m going to give up on this one.

  • Kathy

    I got one. Used Google Chrome. It took a few tries, but finally went through.

  • Vivian

    It’s working now.

  • Mumstouch2000

    I LOVE to get ALL the stuff from FreebieShark! Thanks!

  • Alexandria Elam

    tried it this morning. says my email was already submitted but this was my first(and only) time filling out the form for a sample.

    • Jan-lam

      I know what you mean but I filled one out for another Vndervuilt I think and I got it. This one it said out of samples. Just letting you know it is worth trying agian. Today was my first time too.

  • Tccagle2921

    Page working now,got mine,thanks!

    • Jan-lam

      Thta is great. It is now out of samples.Smell good?

  • Gtcorrar

    “Service Unavailable” message keeps popping up….at 11:52 am, Monday

  • Valeriegspam

    No longer availabler!

  • Jan-lam

    There are no more free samples.Too bad I was too late.